Brother HL-L9310CDW Printer Price Review

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Brother HL-L9310CDW Printer is an excellent value printer for large and medium-sized offices and workgroups. The need for high-volume printing with low running costs, extensibility and spectacular quality.

The HL-L9310CDW can be a high-volume color electrostatic printer. One function (print only) designed for offices and mid-sized workgroups. As a corporate environment and fleet.

Get the most out of the Brother HL-L8360CDW ex gratia The HL-L9310CDW prints well on fast clips. With safety, productivity and convenience options, not to mention the incredibly competitive price of running. Like the binding linkage is a bit lacking for color lasers. I’ve also found it in shops on the internet at a price below the recommended price.

Making this printer a great alternative in many busy office options. This propels the Brother HL-L9310CDW into our Editors’ alternative catbird seat for high-volume color optical maser printers.

Brother HL-L9310CDW price printer review

Brother HL-L9310CDW Specification Printer 

The Brother measures twelve.3 by 17.4 by 19.1 inches and weighs forty-eight.9 pounds. Constant size and only slightly heavier than the aforementioned PCMag favorite HL-L8360CDW. Constant size and only slightly heavier than this.

Also has a constant footprint (though more than fifteen pounds lighter than) other Editor alternatives. Epson provides the professional WF-C5290 Network Color Printer, which is more cost effective, as opposed to inkjet lasers.

LaserJet Enterprise M653x power unit, an ultra-high-volume, high-capacity workhorse counterpart. Almost twice as big and thirty-five pounds heavier, with the Canon Color imageClass LBP664Cdw, the company’s color electrostatic printer or alternative fleet, a few inches larger.

Brother HL-L9310CDW Printer Security Features

You can handle safety, monitor consumables, print usage reports and alternatives. Print from standard cloud sites from the HL-L9310CDW’s 2.7-inch color bit screen. Portal on-line on-board printer, which may be accessible from the next one.

Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneNote, and personal and business versions of Google Apps are among the cloud services available. The HL-L9310CDW supports BR-Script three (Brother’s Adobe PostScript). Power unit Printer Query Language (PCL) versions 5c, 5e, 6, and XL category three.0, PDF 1.7, and Microsoft XPS one.0 emulation for greater compatibility in various printing environments.

The Brother HL-L9310CDW holds up to three hundred sheets of paper out of the box, divided between a 250-sheet main drawer and a 50-sheet replacement or utility case.

If you’re not precise or you want modifications, you can add up to four 250-sheet drawers. With 2 500-sheet cassettes or stand and stabilizer equipped with four 520-sheet drawers for a maximum capacity of 2,380 sheets. A mix of cabinets or printer stands and card readers are also available.

Brother HL-L9310CDW Paper Capacity

Canon LBP664Cdw capable of having a capacity of three hundred sheets. Its growth is limited to 850. The Epson WF-C5290 has 330 sheets that you can fit up to 830, with the built-in M653x power unit up to 1,200 pages. Which may distend up to 1750. Brother has the advantage in terms of overall capability and choice, especially as a paper offering.

The HL-L9310CDW’s most monthly duty cycle is a strong eighty thousand pages. With a suggested monthly volume of 7,000 prints, it’s far from the best I’ve seen.

LaserJet Enterprise power units cover a maximum volume of one hundred and twenty thousand pages and a monthly average of seventeen thousand. Meanwhile, Epson’s inkjets cover a maximum volume of forty-five thousand pages and a monthly average of two,500.

While Canon doesn’t specify a maximum, the recommended monthly rate for the LBP664Cdw is 4,000 prints.

Best Property And Security

Brother’s usual properties include Gigabit LAN, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, USB properties for a single laptop. Wi-Fi Direct peer-to-peer and close to Field Communication protocol (NFC). The last 2 of course allow you to attach a companion auto or iOS device to the printer when not part of an area network.

Apart from the aforementioned protocols, the HL-L9310CDW supports many alternative cloud and mobile options. Along with Apple AirPrint, Brother iPrint&Scan. Brother Workplace Print, Brother Print CreateCenter Templates, Cortado work, Google Cloud Print, Google Apps for Business , and Mopria.

IPrint&Scan can be a cross-platform driver/user interface (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android). Which allows you to print from most computing devices, and Print Workplace can be a set of drivers to assist printing from Microsoft workplace applications.

Brother HL-L9310CDW Printer Connection Service

Brother’s internet connection service allows users and teams to access a variety of cloud-based personal and business sites. As listed above. You can also access your thumb drive via the USB 2.0 port on the left side of the management panel. The HL-L9310CDW is Cerner Certified and Citrix ready to go.

There are many security measures to complete from this website. Safe operation locks but is not limited to limiting these options e.g.

Color printing (to facilitate reduced consumption costs) for up to two hundred users or departments. Secure Print to require PIN access to documents. The HL-L9310CDW also supports Active Directory to require positive ID and identification after printing is permitted. As a companion NFC card reader to secure print jobs and printer functions with compatible cards or badges.

Great Colors and Print Speeds

The Brother HL-L9310CDW places it close to its competitors’ estimated print speeds of thirty-three pages per minute (ppm). Canon’s Color imageClass LBP664CDW, for example, has a rating of 28ppm. While the professional hand Epson WF-C5290 has a rating of 24ppm, and the power unit says the M653x can print at 60ppm.

My test, which was conducted via Gigabit LAN of our regular Intel Core i5 testbed running Windows ten professional. Indicates that Brother meets or slightly exceeds its rating.

The HL-L9310CDW prints a twelve-page Microsoft Word document at a speed of 34.7ppm. Exceeds Canon’s 6ppm and Epson’s 8.3ppm speeds. This is a LaserJet Enterprise power unit with a speed of thirty 1.9 pages per minute.

Excellent Print Speed

I say HL-L9310CDW after combining the spread of business graphics and text in various sizes and colors. Microsoft goes beyond spreadsheets and graphs, and PowerPoint handouts to combine a lot of business graphics and text in a variety of sizes. Combine the results with the speed of Microsoft Word. to produce a seventeen score. Comprehensive 4ppm for all documents in test variations.

This results in HL-L8360CDW traffic jams and beats it by a page or 2 per minute. Most of the machines are opposites mentioned here. In this case, the M653x power unit, which only prints at 2.2ppm, is much faster. The HL-L9310CDW excels when it comes to printing complex full-color documents.

It will also light up when printing strong color business graphics. Such as charts and graphs with dark backgrounds or gradients and small details, such as hairline rules under a single goal.

The photos I print, whether embedded in the document or photo stand or not and are eight times ten gloss. Looks great, with bright, brilliant, true colors and great detail.

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