Brother HL-L8250CDN Airprint printer review

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Brother HL-L8250CDN Is a Duplex and Network Color Laser Printer, Color Laser Technology, 4 Toner & Drum Cartridges, 30ppm Black, 30ppm Color, 128MB, 400 MHz.

If you want a lot of capability, you will add a second 500 sheet container for a total of 800 sheets. The maximum capability of the Xerox printer is only five hundred sheets. Whereas each printer provides suitable paper handling for medium to heavy printing for small offices. You don’t need to refill trays as you normally would with the HL-L8250CDN.

The Brother HL-L8250CDN, on the other hand, is compatible with the Xerox Phaser 6500/DN Editor’s choice in speed checks. Although it provides higher paper handling. The output quality is lower than the 6500/DN.

However, are you looking for a color electrostatic printer for an associate office or a small group of employees. Paper speed and unit area are important in making it suitable for use as a tough workspace.

Comparison of Brother HL-L8250CDN And Xerox 6500/DN

The HL-L8250CDN, like the Xerox 6500/DN, comes normally with a 250-sheet case and a duplexer (for two-sided printing).

However, instead of a manual one-sheet feed, it includes a handy fifty-sheet receptacle. If you want extra space. You can mix 2 500-sheet bakes ($249.99) to make a complete 800-sheet bake.

The maximum capacity of a Xerox printer is five hundred pages. While each printer provides smart paper handling for medium to heavy duty printing for small offices, you don’t need to refill the usual trays like the HL-L8250CDN.

Print Speed ​​and Settings

The HL-L8250CDN may be too large to share tables well. It measures twelve.3 by 16.1 by 19.1 inches (HWD). It weighs moderately, at 47.5 lbs, implying that you just need some help getting it to its destination.

For optical maser alerts, find typical settings. I connected the printer to a wired network for my tests and applied motive power to a Windows aspect system.

Brother HL-L8250CDN Main Difference

The main difference between it and the Xerox 6500/DN is that the HL-L8250CDN has the flexibility to print in simplex (single-sided) mode instead of duplex mode by default.

Which provided faster performance than Xerox printers for our official jobs, but only because printing in duplex took a long time.

Brother rates printers at thirty pages per minute (ppm). The speed you should focus on once prints a text document or other file that requires little or no attention.

In our suite of business applications, (using hardware and QualityLogic code (Opens in new window). For timing) I noted however, there is a metaphorical asterisk active in Xerox next to printer speed.

It came in at half a dozen.5ppm, that means 2 printers really tied for speed in my unofficial check with Xerox printers in simplex mode. That comes in at half a dozen.5ppm, that means the 2 printers are totally tied (In our study, the difference of zero.1% ppm was not important.)

In comparison, the area unit 2 printer is somewhat faster than the Samsung CLP-415NW at 6ppm.

Brother HL-L8250CDN Paper Quality

The HL-L8250CDN overall is described as good enough for many business uses, but far from spectacular. Plain text qualifiers for color lasers, are also very cheap of the very strict variety, wherever most color lasers fall.

It’s not suitable for high-quality publishing, but you shouldn’t have any barriers to it worldwide. Mainly printing with a smaller font than most business documents used.

Graphics quality may be a bit subpar for a color laser, which still makes it fine for different international business uses.

Almost anyone can think it’s great for PowerPoint handouts and different functions.

Image quality is good enough to print recognizable photos of web content and more. Most of the photos in my tests had obvious quality issues, especially the lines, posterization (shading changed suddenly)

Moreover it is meaningless: if you connect the printer to the network. Will access it via the cloud and from your smartphone abusing the purpose of the Wi-Fi network.

If you want high-quality photos, graphics, and documents, or if you want to print multiple documents. Consider the Samsung CLP-415 or Xerox 6500/DN.

If you want a medium to heavy workhorse color optical maser, but graphics and image quality are not a priority. The Brother HL-speed L8250CDN’s excellent paper handling makes it easy to use.

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