HL-L8350CDW Wireless Printer Review

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HL-L8350CDW is, a clone of the Brother HL-L8250CDN apart from faster printing speeds (albeit the same as we tend to test) and Wi-Fi properties.

The Brother HL-L8350CDW Is, for a small capacity workplace that delivers the most effective text and graphics, along with outstanding paper handling and speed.

If you compare the options on the Brother website, you will see that the printer is electrostatic.

Provides excellent handling, and even uses identical toner. That website won’t tell you that the HL-L8350CDW produces a more suitable output for images and photos on our scanner, and you can easily lower the price further even if you don’t. requires Wi-Fi.

It’s the same color optical device as the Xerox Phaser 6500/DN Editor’s choice, with the same speed in our tests and higher paper handling.

HL-L8350CDW Wireless Printer Review

Brother HL-L8350CDW Wireless Printer High Output Quality

Xerox printers have a high output quality, which is why Editor’s Choice exists. However, with the same advantages as the Brother HL-L8250CDN, the HL-L8350CDW is increasingly in demand by employees in the workplace.

The four-in-one printer comes with a 250-sheet paper tray and a duplexer (for two-sided printing). However, instead of a single-sheet Xerox manual feed, Brother’s second printer includes a handy 50-sheet case.

You can also add a second 500 sheet container for 800 sheets each. the maximum capacity of a Xerox printer is five hundred pages. Medium to heavy duty printing is much easier with less workspace. You will incur additional tray fees for reprocessing compared to Brother printers.

Brother HL-L8350CDW Low price

Brother also sells what the company says is a square-sized identical printer with the second case closed. Brother HL-L8350CDWT for $499.99.

If you want a second container, we tend to recommend having a version that matches each one. If you think you want something but it’s not positive, check to see if you should pay an extra $100 for the version with 2 buns instead of risking $250.

One of the opposites for the printer is, if the printer is connected to the network, it will change the mobile printing. via Wi-Fi or the cloud. Moreover, it offers Wi-Fi Direct, allowing you to set it up in a secure manner. Even if you are not connected to the network.

Speed ​​and Settings

The HL performance and performance of the L8350CDW is just right for a printer of this category. It measures twelve.3 by 16.1 by 19.1 inches (HWD). It’s big enough you probably don’t need to share a table with it, and it weighs forty-seven.5 pounds, so you’ll need to move it in its place.

The setup on the network is, also quite reasonable. For my check, I plugged my printer into the LAN port and plugged in the driving force on a system running Windows panorama.

The HL-L8350CDW is, included to print by default in simplex (single-sided) mode instead of duplex. Brother HL-L8250CDN and different from Xerox 6500/DN. It made for higher speeds in our official tests compared to the Xerox 6500/DN. Just because printing in duplex slows down Xerox printers.

Brother pages per minute (ppm) on the HL-L8350CDW. The speed you should pay attention to when printing text documents or other files doesn’t take long. Even if it’s 2ppm faster than the Brother HL-L8250CDN. The difference was not noticeable in our tests.

Both printers come with speeds of half a dozen.6ppm on our suite of business applications.

Fast Print Speed

At 6.6ppm it’s much faster than Xerox’s official 5.4ppm however. Also ran the Xerox printer through our tests in simplex mode, hitting speeds of half a dozen.5ppm. Since the zero.1ppm difference in our tests at this speed is, not significant, it indicates that each printer is actually lined up.

In comparison, all 3 square sizes are slightly faster than the Samsung CLP-415NW. It doesn’t have a duplexer, but an Editor’s choice for small and small offices with printing needs. Samsung printers print half a dozen pages per minute.

Overall Quality Owned

Fairly reasonable overall Text quality under very strict variations. Where most color optical devices fall, made quite adequate for almost but. Slightly different than I expected in terms of high quality desktop.

Graphics of the same quality, well-crafted enough to be displayed to the large buyers you ordered to impress your skills.

You may notice that it sells materials such as one-page flyers and brochures. Trifold one page and one page brochure one page brochure For printing recognizable photos from a site or sort. Image quality is adequate, I wouldn’t use the printer.

If you want a high-quality printer for photos, documents, and graphics, consider the Samsung CLP-415 or Xerox 6500/DN which measures every printer of the Editor’s choice. If you want duplex, Xerox printers have a good choice, and if not, Samsung printers have different sizes.

If image or picture quality isn’t necessary for you, and you don’t want Wi-Fi. You can save by getting a Brother HL-L8250CDN. However, if you want high-quality Wi-Fi or graphics. Fast print speed, high quality paper. The high-quality text and graphics of the Brother HL-L8350CDW combination will turn it into the color electrostatic printer of choice for you.

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