HL-L8360CDW Replace Toner Printer review

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HL-L8360CDW Replace Toner Printer – The Brother HL-L8360CDW may be a color printer. quick with good output, low running value, and versatile zoom for its class.

The Brother HL-L8360CDW, color printer may be a new different to the Brother HL-L8260CDW Editor for steroids primarily. HL-L8360CDW will provide you with larger upgrade, twin memory, higher duty cycle.

Access to higher-yield toner cartridges, lower running prices, larger security, and just like the HL-L8260CDW, performs well and is quick. All of this for below $70 makes the HL-L8360CDW an excellent higher value. that is why our greatest mercantilism volume color printer, that is ideal tiny|for little|for tiny} businesses or small workplaces.

HL-L8360CDW Replace Toner Printer review

Brother HL-L8360CDW Replace Toner Printer Specifications

The HL-L8260CDW measures twelve.3 by 17.4 by 19.1 inches (HWD) and weighs 48.1 pounds. concerning an in. Shorter and some ounces lighter than the skilled Color LaserJet M452dw electromagnetic unit. Different editor and much of touches (Opens during a} very new window). The OKI C332dn, another class of self-contained color optical devices of comparable worth uses a series of LEDs rather than a optical device because of their source of illumination.

Much shorter, however constant weight. The L8360CDW comes out of the box with three hundred sheet paper capability. Split between a 250 sheet paper case and a fifty sheet utility case still because the HL-L8260CDW. Out of the box with 250 sheet paper capability and fifty sheet utility case.

Difference Between HL-L8360CDW And HL-L8260CDW

Unlike the HL-L8260CDW, which might be distended to one,050-sheet with four 250-sheet trays, the HL-L8360CDW, additionally to four 250-sheet choices, conjointly includes a pair of 500-sheet trays ($179.99 and $249.99, some) for optimum capability of one,300 sheets.

The M452dw and OKI C332dn power units on opposite sides ar distended to 850 sheets and 880 sheets, severally. If the HL-L8260CDW is supplied with a most of forty,000 pages (with a recommendation of up to three,000 pages). The HL-cycle L8360CDW assignment is sixty,000 pages, with recommendations of up to four. 000 pages a pair of Brother engines, OKI C332dn and a sq. M452dw electromagnetic unit, ar settled next to every choice.

Gigabit LAN, Wi-Fi, still because the ability to attach to one laptop computer via USB. Everything is enclosed on the HL-L8630CDW and HL-L8260CDW. The Brother HL-L8360CDW supports NFC that permits printing together with your smartphone or pill to a hotspot on the printer.

It conjointly has the Brother Cloud workplace Print app for printing from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint 365, and OneDrive, that isn’t enclosed with the HL-L8260CDW.

Each machine permits you to connect to a USB flash drive via a affiliation settled on the front left of the chassis, directly at the lowest of the panel. In distinction to the L8260CDW’s HL-control panel, that is formed of displays like a two-line monochrome readout. The button which will be wont to disable it, the L8360CDW HL-control panel is formed of a a pair of.7-inch color bit screen.

Brother HL-L8360CDW Operating System

Safe Operation Keys to limit these choices, like color printing to facilitate the reduction of consumption prices. Up to 2 hundred users, and Secure Print for making sensitive documents which will be accessed by merely getting into the correct PIN. In addition, the HL-L6360CDW uses Active Directory to gather IDs and passwords to verify printing. It conjointly scans NFC cards to guard the convenience of printers and print jobs from being accessed once not a compatible card or badge.

HP PCL6 and BR-Script 3 (Adobe PostScript Brother version) ar employed by every machine for larger compatibility with desktop environments and graphic designs. Brother, on the opposite hand, provides free technical support throughout the amount of use of the printer, not solely throughout quantity} of the assurance amount.

Brother HL-L8360CDW Print Speed

The Brother HL-L8360CDW rates every monochrome and color page at 33 pages per minute (ppm), rather like the Brother HL-L8260CDW. throughout our investigations, we’ve got a bent to search out that every machine operates during a} very similar method. With solely slight variations between them.

The HL-L8360CDW spins at 33.2ppm, compared to the OKI C332dn’s 31.4ppm. Prints a 12-page, black, plain-format Microsoft Word text document. Sadly, the M452dw electromagnetic unit was tested before applying our current benchmarking methodology. Consists of many documents written from utterly totally different hardware and packages, to create an immediate comparison with them here.

When I compare our print times of the many of our advanced PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint documents that contain color. Graphics, and photos with our previous 12-page Word document printing time, the HL-L8360CDW score born by a few fraction of a standard (about cardinal percent). However, the HL-L8630CDW’s 12-second average beats the smaller Brother model by a pair of seconds and also the C332dn by eight seconds at a time.

Print Quality Brother HL-L8360CDW

Because the HL-L8360CDW and HL-L6260CDW use a relentless printer. the primary incorporates some minor changes to create it easier to create it support multiple decisions. A very totally different and toner cartridge with a stronger yield (see the operative costs section below). Print quality is largely that constant seriph and sans-serif fonts will scan up to 6 points and below (depending on the typeface) and decorative fonts will start off more than average.

Brother HL-L8360CDW Quality Graphics and slides

Great graphics and slides and PowerPoint, we tend to tend to only have tons of flaws that ar barely noticeable, like little bands in dark gradations.
Text and graphic output is appropriate for several business potentialities, particularly brochures and different promotional materials, in different words.

I don’t mean to be harmful or attention-grabbing once I say “below average” image printing. I even have to seem deeper to imagine the matter. Particularly missing a small amount of detail here and there. slightly of roughness in some shots, still because the occasional minor discoloration.

In one icon, as an example, the red color of the apple seems to the touch the argonone, and in another, the cluster of grapes shifts tons towards red instead of purple. However, these imperfections ar solely minor in size and aren’t terribly noticeable till I explore them.

Economical Capability

The main distinction between the HL-L8360CDW and HL-L8260CDW is that it’s a toner cartridge. antecedently written at a stronger resolution—6500 pages. For the black and tricolor cartridges, magenta, and yellow, constant as four,500 pages for the black cartridge.

In addition, every color cartridge has four,000 pages. this is often not solely richer, however conjointly permits for higher operative prices. I calculated the worth of the HL-L8360CDW toner per page at one.9 cents. For black pages and 10 cents for color on yield and worth. Brother printed thirty,000-page print cartridges and drums. Compared to the 2 lower priced models. five cents per page. Black pages and twelve.7 cents per black page.

It’s most likely not a large distinction zero.06 cents monochrome and a few zero.7 cents. Color however if you print thousands of pages per month, this excessive quantity could value you (or save) you. The OKI C332dn is four cents black and seventeen.6 cents color. Whereas the operative value of the M452dw electromagnetic unit sq. size is 2,2 cents monochrome and 13.6 cents color.

Performance Performance

The Brother HL-L8260CDW may be a nice value. however the HL-L8360CDW fetches a way higher tag at simply $70. Every model prints at a relentless speed (much quicker than competitive models) and at a relentless quality (on par with their competitors).

If you employ cardinal pages each month, the operative value of the HL-L8360CDW is dearer. Offset the distinction in worth in no time, and begin saving your cash. High yield cartridges, high duty cycle, exaggerated security and mobile properties. That expands can build it associate degree honest deal for a few geographic point settings.

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