Epson L455 vs Epson L355 Printer Which is the Better Value

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Epson L455 vs Epson L355 Printer Which is the Better Value? Epson has established itself as a prominent brand, recognised for its innovation and quality in producing efficient printing solutions. The Epson L455 and Epson L355 stand out as two popular models, each offering a distinctive set of features, making it difficult for consumers to decide which device offers better value for money.

Epson L455 vs Epson L355 Printer Which is the Better Value

Epson L455 vs Epson L355 Features and specifications

The Epson L455 and L355 are both ink tank system printers designed to provide cost effective printing solutions. The Epson L455, introduced as an upgrade to the L355, offers enhanced features. Both models use Epson’s ink tank system, which allows users to refill ink tanks rather than replace cartridges – a cost-effective approach to printing. However, the L455 offers improved print speeds, promising up to 33 pages per minute in monochrome, compared to the L355’s 9.2 pages per minute.

The L455 offers wireless connectivity, allowing users to print directly from their smartphones and tablets. This wireless functionality is a notable upgrade from the L355, which lacks wireless capabilities and relies solely on USB connectivity. In addition, the L455’s Wi-Fi Direct feature enables network-free printing, giving users greater flexibility and convenience.

Epson L455 vs Epson L355 Print quality

Print quality is a crucial factor in any printer comparison. The Epson L455 and L355 both deliver impressive quality for text documents and images. However, the L455 has a slightly higher resolution than the L355, resulting in more detailed and sharper prints. This higher resolution is particularly noticeable when printing photos, making the L455 the preferred choice for those who value image quality.

Epson L455 vs Epson L355 Cost efficiency

The cost per page of printing is an important consideration. Both printers use the ink tank system, which is less expensive than traditional ink cartridges. However, the Epson L455’s higher initial price is somewhat justified by its improved features and faster print speeds. The L455’s wireless printing capabilities also add to its value proposition, offering modern convenience and flexibility.

Epson L455 vs Epson L355 Ease of use and maintenance

In terms of ease of use, the Epson L455’s wireless connectivity and setup give it an edge over the L355. The wireless printing feature simplifies the printing process, allowing users to print from different devices with ease. In addition, the L455’s LCD screen provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring ink levels and managing print jobs, while the L355 relies on buttons and indicators for these functions.

In terms of maintenance, both printers are relatively easy to service due to their ink tank systems. Refilling the tanks on both models is a simple and mess-free process, ensuring minimal downtime and costs in the long run.


When it comes to choosing between the Epson L455 and L355, it’s important to consider individual preferences and printing needs. The L455 is the more advanced and feature-rich option, offering faster print speeds, wireless connectivity and slightly better print quality. For users who prioritise these features and are prepared to spend a little more upfront for enhanced capabilities, the L455 is the clear choice.

On the other hand, the L355 remains a reliable and cost-effective option, especially for those who do not necessarily need the additional features offered by the L455. Its affordability, coupled with decent print quality and ink tank system, makes it a practical choice for users with more basic printing needs.

Ultimately, the choice between the Epson L455 and L355 comes down to personal preference, printing requirements and budget. Both models represent Epson’s commitment to delivering efficient and cost-effective printing solutions that cater for a wide range of users in today’s dynamic printing landscape.

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