Epson L455 Printer Scan and Copy Features Explained

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Epson L455 Printer Scan and Copy Features Explained Best-Epson has been at the forefront of printing technology for decades. The Epson L455 printer is one of their versatile models that not only excels at printing, but also offers efficient scanning and copying functions. Designed to meet the needs of home users and small businesses, this multifunction printer offers a range of features that make scanning and copying seamless and user-friendly.

Epson L455 Printer Scan and Copy Features Explained

Understanding the Epson L455 multifunction printer

The Epson L455 is a wireless multifunction inkjet printer renowned for its high-quality printing, scanning and copying capabilities. Some of its key features include high yield ink tanks, wireless connectivity and the ability to produce exceptional quality prints. However, one of the often underrated aspects of this printer is its scanning and copying capabilities, which add significant value to its overall utility.

Epson L455 Printer Scanning features explained

The Epson L455 has a built-in scanner that uses Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology. This technology enables accurate and detailed scanning of documents and images. With an optical scanning resolution of up to 1200 x 2400 dpi, users can capture intricate details in scanned documents or images, ensuring high quality output. The scanner is capable of capturing both colour and monochrome documents, providing versatility for different scanning needs.

In addition, the printer supports multiple scan modes, allowing users to select the most appropriate mode based on the type of document and quality required. It offers options such as scanning to PDF, JPEG or other formats to meet different needs, from archiving documents to capturing high-resolution images.

The Epson L455 also has a scan-to-cloud function that allows users to scan documents directly to cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. This feature ensures seamless document management and accessibility from anywhere, enhancing the productivity and convenience of the printer.

Epson L455 Printer Copy functionality overview

The copying functionality of the Epson L455 is equally impressive. Users can easily make duplicates of documents or images without the need for a computer. The printer has a copying speed of up to 33 pages per minute in monochrome and 15 pages per minute in colour. This fast copy speed makes it efficient for everyday use, especially in a small office or home environment.

In addition, the copy settings are customisable, allowing users to adjust the density, size and quality of copies to suit their needs. The printer can produce multiple copies of a document in a single command, making bulk copying hassle-free.

User-friendly interface and software

Epson has designed the L455 with a user-friendly interface to streamline the scanning and copying process. The printer is equipped with an intuitive control panel that simplifies the operation of scan and copy functions. In addition, Epson provides dedicated software that simplifies scanning and copying tasks and offers a range of features for editing, organising and sharing scanned documents.

Epson Easy Photo Print software makes photo editing and printing quick and easy. Users can easily enhance images, remove red-eye and adjust contrast or colour before printing to ensure the best possible output.


In conclusion, the Epson L455 is not just a printer, but a comprehensive multifunction device that excels in scanning and copying as well as printing. Its scanning capabilities, with high resolution and versatile scan modes, ensure detailed and accurate document capture. The efficient copying function, coupled with customisable settings, makes it a reliable asset for duplicating a variety of materials.

Epson’s commitment to user-friendliness is evident in the user-friendly interface and dedicated software, which further enhance the scanning and copying experience. The Epson L455 is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing versatile, high quality print, scan and copy solutions for home and small office users.

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