Toyota Camry XSE Interior Specification

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Toyota Camry XSE is by far the best interior and flagship of the midsize sedan segment, which has lost entry and sales in recent years as the world has embraced SUVs. While the market has changed, the Camry continues to top the best-selling chart as the number one selling car, a place it has held for the past twenty years.

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Fuel economical and Real MPG

The entire Camry lineup performed okay in independent agency testing, and also the four-cylinder model performed brightly in our real world road tests. The foremost economical nonhybrid Camry models ar the LE and SE with four-cylinder engines, that earn independent agency estimates of twenty eight mpg town and thirty-nine mpg main road. The bottom LE hybrid scores fifty one mpg town and fifty three mpg highway ratings. The hybrid prime trim sacrifices some potency at the altar of luxury, however, and also the V-6-powered model gets town and main road ratings of up to thirty three mpg.

The four-cylinder Camry SE delivered forty five mpg in our trial run, beating its own independent agency rating of half dozen mpg and creating it the foremost economical non-hybrid we’ve tested. It even beat the Camry XLE hybrid we tend to tested by one mpg. For additional data on Camry fuel economy, visit the independent agency web site.

Engine And Transmission Quality

The standard four-cylinder engine pairs with a sleek eight-speed automatic, however the acceleration numbers ar dissatisfactory. The underpowered version of that engine runs on electric battery and 2 electrical motors to power the Camry hybrid, that is not any additional exciting to drive than the bottom powertrain. The important gem of this lineup is that the soft 301-hp V-6 on the market on the XLE and XSE models also because the TRD variant.

Also happy to mention that we tend to not hate driving Camrys. it’s a controlled ride and really responsive handling. The wheel is snug in weight and feels solid once cornering and light-weight once maneuvering within the automobile parking space. We tend to found the Camry’s foot pedal responsive and not too soft, even in hybrids, wherever it had to mix friction with regenerative braking (where energy from braking is employed to recharge the hybrid battery).

Best Interior and luxury

We’ve ridden the Camry within the top-tier XLE semblance and within the additional plebeian SE trim. Each ar spacious and cozy, and also the XLE may be a real luxury. However, there’s a significant gap in material quality between the entry-level model and also the dearer versions, and also the center of the dashboard leaves a number of United States of America cold with its unattractive style.

The Camry may be a massive sedan, and there is lots of load area and interior storage in its trunk and cabin with the rear seats collapsible. it isn’t the simplest in each storage class, however overall, it’s very competitive. Toyota stirred the Camry hybrid battery from the trunk to underneath the rear seat, therefore hybrid homeowners do not have to sacrifice carrying capability for the additional mpg.

Toyota Camry XSE Feature

Toyota’s call to standardize driver help technology on all Camry models. For additional data on Camry crash check results, visit the websites of the National main road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and also the Insurance Institute for main road Safety (IIHS). Key safety features include:

  • Standard forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking
  • Standard lane departure warning and lane guard help
  • Standard adjustive controller

The Camry SE woody plant Edition options a 19-in. TRD matte bronze-finished alloy wheels and black accents complete the Camry’s redolent of style. This special edition is obtainable in hour Black silver, Reservoir Blue and Ice Cap colors.

Roof Lines and Front-End style

The Camry XSE’s sturdy behavior and charming vogue announce your arrival magisterially. Black accents, from shiny black alloy wheels to the two-tone exterior on the market with a hour Black silver roof,* complement the Camry’s aggressiveness, wide stance and low roofline. The boundaries of fashion ar any pushed with the shiny black front grille on the market with sport mesh inserts.

Dual Quad Chrome Exhaust

Available twin exhausts with quad chrome tips offer a strong look, matched solely by the jazzy sound. it’ll undoubtedly leave an enduring impression.

Cool Front vogue

Let the aggressive lines of the on the market silver front grille with chrome accents catch your eye. on the market sport mesh inserts project a sleek engine look. the quality Bi-LED combination headlights add slightly of fashion, extending out from the slim prime grille. and also the XSE’s semiconductor diode headlights with semiconductor diode Daytime Running Lights (DRL) add Associate in Nursing illuminating bit to the present communicatory look.

Charming Alloy Wheels

Add charm with the 19-in Camry XSE. alloy wheels in shiny black color. The low-profile 40-series tires complete the signature look whereas providing a definite and assured ride.

Super semiconductor diode tail lamp

The on the market Camry semiconductor diode taillights feature an attention grabbing organic form that flows seamlessly into the rear bumper. This signature lightweight ensures you’re continually visible.

Toyota Camry XSE Connectivity capability

Toyota’s touchscreen pic system known as Entune three.0 is normal across the Camry lineup, with Associate in Nursing increased version on the market as Associate in Nursing choice. Entune has lots of options and responded fairly well to user feedback in our tests, and Apple CarPlay and automaton automobile compatibility is normal.

Toyota Camry XSE Warranty capability

While rivals like the Hyundai classical music and Kia Optima have longer assurance periods during this category, Toyota keeps it up with 2 years of free scheduled maintenance;

  • Limited assurance covers 3 years or thirty six,000 miles
  • Powertrain assurance covers 5 years or sixty,000 miles
  • Free maintenance coated for 2 years or twenty five,000 miles
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