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Sony A6600 is Camera that the new flagship of Sony A6600 APS-C mirrorless camera line, with higher  performance and image process than its precursor, the Sony a6500. Whereas the a6600 has identical twenty four.2-megapixel CMOS image detector because the a6500, the a6600 uses the most recent Bionz X image processor.

The Sony A6600 isn’t abundant totally different from the Sony A6500, wherever the camera is provided with five Axis Stabilization technology within the camera body.

Not solely that, Sony has conjointly equipped the A6600 with associate embedded APS-C Exmor CMOS detector in order that it’s ready to build this camera ready to manufacture high-resolution photos and videos up to twenty four.2 MP.

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Sony A6600 Release Date Camera

Then for the speed, of the optical device feature itself, it had been conjointly created quite capable for a camera in its category. Sony even claims that its best camera are ready to notice the main focus purpose in exactly zero.02 seconds.

For those of you WHO wish to vlog, it seems that the simplest Sony camera is additionally extremely warrant being your mainstay weapon. Because the Sony A6600’s, alphanumeric display Touchscreen camera is bent up to a hundred and eighty degrees.

Not solely that, the Sony Alpha 6600 conjointly incorporates a three.5mm earphone Jack to observe audio directly. this can be the primary feature that Sony is attempting to awaken the Sony Alpha camera line of business.

That means, the Sony Alpha A6600 camera {is extremely|is basically|is actually|is absolutely|is admittedly|is de facto} appropriate for run associated gun videographers WHO really don’t desire to be fazed to bring an external recorder.

Then for the business of recording the video itself, this mirrorless camera has support for 4K HDR resolution.

Sony A6600 Video performance

The 6600 renders 4K movies with over-sampling of 6K, for higher quality video. Additionally to S-log a pair of and S-log three gamma curves for capturing. A full vary of knowledge from the image detector, the 6600 options log-gamma hybrid (HLG) for top dynamic vary (HDR) capture.

Like the a6500, the a6600 has each Slow and quick Motion, which implies you’ll cut down. The motion, (like a swing creative person hovering within the air) or do a time-lapse video (like a flower opening). And it’s identical 5-stop in-camera stabilization because the a6500, that helps you produce electric sander videos.

For my check vlogging videos, I set the alphanumeric display in selfie position and used the a6600’s integral mic rather than attaching an extra mic. The sole lights used were my studio ceiling overhead and table lamp. The video is, clean and sharp with smart colours even supposing it’s oversaturated. Though a touch uproarious, the audio incorporates a smart volume and is kind of audible .

Apps and software package

Sony has replaced the contrived PlayMemories app withwith the Imaging Edge software package, that connects the camera to a pc, smartphone, or alternative good mobile device. The app is segmental into 3 modules: Viewer, Editor and Remote.

The remote is a crucial half, and also the solely reason why you’d wish to transfer and use Imaging Edge. Through the Remote interface, you’ll management and shoot the camera from your pc or device and transfer still pictures and videos. The app can even apply your phone’s GPS location data to your file information.

Has In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS)

This camera will bring, a series of the most recent and most complete options that in fact won’t be found in its precursor, particularly the Sony A6400.

One of the fascinating options embedded in it’s five Axis or In Body Image Stabilization which is able to assist users in minimizing shake once taking photos or recording videos.

Longer Lasting Battery Sony A6600

Another update that the Sony A6600 brings is within the battery sector. This mirrorless flagship camera seems to possess a far larger battery up to a pair of times and might last longer than the Sony A6400.

Not solely that the Sony Alpha 6600 is, additionally designed to be larger thus it’ll be more well-off once you hold it in your hand. Then for its own weight the camera seems to be heavier, that is 503 grams.

24.2 MP APS-C detector

Then in terms of the sector’s own specifications, the Sony A6600 seems to be carrying a twenty four.2 MP APS-C detector. Additionally, the camera can even shoot no end at up to eleven Federal Protective Service and might be relied on to record videos up to 4K resolution per thirty Federal Protective Service.

This Sony A6600 camera video mode conjointly has support with Mic and earphone ports.

Sony A6600 Features HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma)

There is nothing wrong with Sony claiming that its Mirrorless camera product is capable of manufacturing the best quality video.

Just check up on this Sony A6600 there’s already associate HLG or Hybrid Log-Gamma feature which will support your HDR recording activities. Not solely that it’s, conjointly supported with S-Log3 and S-Log2 Gamma profiles.

Real Time Eye AF optical device options

This feature can facilitate users in trailing the eyes of animals and humans exactly and accurately.

Interestingly the important, Time Eye AF feature on the Sony A6600 will even be used once shooting video.

Advantages of Sony Alpha A6600 Camera

When compared to its precursor Mirrrorless camera product, it seems that the Sony A6600 is obtainable at a additional pocket-friendly worth.
Then for the planning itself, the Sony Alpha 6600 has been created with modern} and contemporary style. Even manufactured from prime quality materials in order that it’s quite dirt and wetness resistant.
Has a wider screen span thus it’s terribly snug to use.
Have image Profile and Shooting Log.
Being Sony’s flagship APS-C detector camera which will be ready to manufacture photos and videos with the simplest quality.
Sony has even fastened a twenty four.2 MP resolution and with 5-way image stabilizer within the body, there are 425 focus points.
Very reliable for photography activities anyplace and anytime. The camera even incorporates a real time trailing feature and real time eye trailing for humans and animals, together with once victimization video mode.

The increase in size and weight isn’t vital. The A6600 measures four.7x2.6 x 2.3 inches (compared to the a6500’s four.7x2.6 x 2.1 inches). With the battery and memory card, the body of the a6600 (without the lens) weighs simply over one.1 pounds but one.8 ounces over the a6500.

Sony A6600 Price

The Sony a6600 camera body at the start retails for $1,400. varied kits pack bodies with lenses. For instance, a body and a Sony 18-135mm lens prices $1,800, or a Sony16-55mm f/2.8 lens prices $2,700.

Sony A6600 Design

The Sony a6600 inherits the a6500’s rugged construction: a dirt and moisture-resistant atomic number 12 alloy body lined in an exceedingly pebbled black plastic shell. Whereas the camera remains compact, the grip is slightly larger, that makes for a additional balanced grip once victimization larger lenses.

What’s additional, this implies the camera will make the most of the additional powerful Z battery employed by Sony’s DSLRs. That offers the a6600 over double the battery lifetime of the a6500, consistent with Sony. You will be ready to capture a median of 720 still pictures per battery charge once victimization the optical device. Whereas the a6500 is capable of capturing around 310 pictures below identical conditions.

Control options

Given all the options and functions of the a6600, it’s no surprise that it’s plenty of buttons, dials, and menus. The foremost used ones square measure simply accessible via physical controls, and four dedicated user programmable buttons for fast access to your personal favorite settings. Most of the controls and icons follow trade standards, creating it comparatively simple to master the camera’s basic functions.

At the highest is, that the on/off/shutter button, with the mode and management buttons and 2 dedicated buttons on the rear.

The back has several of the standard buttons and controls. Here you will find switches for autofocus/manual focus (AF/MF) and auto-exposure lock (AEL), and 2 alternative custom, user-definable buttons. Directional controls do double (and typically triple) work, betting on what mode you are in. This scrolls through menus, chooses between totally different show designs, and opens choices for ISO, exposure compensation, drive mode, or focus space. With my manus below the lens and my right holding the battery grip within the ancient photographer’s position, I had no bother grabbing this management with my thumb.

Sony A6600 Image quality

I shoot all of my stills, victimization RAW+JPEG, and my analysis is predicated on viewing RAW files victimization Sony’s Imaging Edge software package on a mark monitor. All pictures square measure analyzed and revealed as shots while not image piece of writing. Photos square, measure born-again to JPEG once analysis so that they is shared below.

For my check stills, I used studio lights, set the a6600 to default metering, program mode, 200 ISO. Automobile white balance and wide optical device, used a stable camera stand and shot at 1/30, f8.0.

For the foremost half, the photos square measure systematically smart to glorious. the pictures square measure sharp, and also the colours look real. However the indoor, check still image was oversaturated and not as sharp as my outside image.

Sony A6600 Auto focus and speed

The A6600 could be a quick shooting camera, matching the shooting speed of the a6500 (11 frames per second). In continuous mode, and rising its optical device (0.02 seconds versus zero.05 seconds). However, once shooting at eleven Federal Protective Service, the camera can show the last shot taken rather than live read. And that is, problematic once you have to be compelled to compose a trial and/or shoot a moving subject. you have got to cut down to eight Federal Protective Service to use live read. The a6600’s quick hybrid optical device uses 425-point part detection and 425-point distinction detection. That analyzes eighty four eighty four the image frame horizontally and 100 percent vertically. (The A6500 incorporates a 425/129 detection.)

When I shoot a garden vortex that continues to swirl within the wind, the a6600’s period of time optical device focuses quickly and accurately. Shutter priority, 1/160 at f2.8, is shown at 100 percent magnification.


  • Brand; Sony
  • Model; A6600
  • Price in India; ₹1,17,990
  • Release date; September 2019
  • Model Name; A6600
  • Series; Alpha
  • SLR Variant; Mirrorless
  • Type; DSLR Camera
  • Effective Pixels; 24.2 MP
  • Weight; 503.00 kg
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