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Setup Brother MFC-J1010DW User Manual- The Brother MFC- J1010DW is a printer intended for small home services, so in addition to print, checkup, and copy functions, there’s support for transferring and entering faxes.

As similar, the below flatbed scanner is enhanced with a 20- distance ADF, enabling unattendedmulti-page clones or faxes. It’s a shame this ADF can not handle two- sided scanning, but it’s not surprising given the MFP’s reasonable price label.

This printer Brother This MFP has a 150- distance mail at the bottom, which slides in and out with a rattling sound. There’s no paper charger on the reverse, so you can push it back against the wall. It also does not bear numerous of the below warrants. Its four essay charges are placed in a cube on the right front panel.

Setup Brother MFC-J1010DW User Manual

Setup Brother MFC-J1010DW User Manual Fast

To Perform the latest Manual process available here with Brother support:

  • First Step, unload the machine and check the factors,
    Remove the defensive tape recording or film covering the machine and inventories. The factors included in the box may differ depending on yourcountry., also unload the Setup Brother Printer.
    -Utmost of the illustrations in this Quick Setup Guide show the MFC- J1010DW.


Keep all quilting accoutrements and boxes in case you have to transport your machine.

You must buy the correct interface string for the interface you wish to use.
USB string
Use a USB2.0( Type A/ B) string no further than 2 measures long.
Ethernet( Network) Cable( MFC- J1170DW only)
Use straight- through order 5( or lesser) twisted- brace string for a 10BASE- T or 100BASE- TX Fast Ethernet Network.

  • Next, cargo plain Letter paper into the paper charger

After completing the machine settings, you can change the paper type or size. For further information on paper running.
-cargo plain Letter paper
-cargo plain Letter paper

  • Next, Connect the Power Cable
    Connect PowerAttention!
    You can acclimate the angle of the control panel for easier reading of the TV.

Install the starter essay cartridge Setup Brother Printer

Install the starter essay cartridge, Open the essay cartridge cover and remove the orange defensive part from the machine.

Don’t throw down the orange defensive part. You’ll need it if you’re transporting the machine.
Follow the TV instructions to install the essay charges. Close the essay cartridge cover. The machine will prepare the essay cartridge system for printing.
Next, Set the date and time
Follow the TV instructions to set the date and time.
After setting the date and time, you can set the dereliction Firmware Update.

  1. Next, Check the print quality.
  2. Next, To set the print alignment( Recommended).
    To acclimate the alignment before using your machine, Press — Start or Next
    – Check print quality
  3. Next, Clear TV announcement, If any announcement appears on the TV, clear it by pressing OK or opting ( OK) depending on your model.
    Next, Choose your language( if demanded)
    Choose your language,
  4. Next, Connect the telephone linecord.However, go to 13, If you aren’t using your machine as a fax. For further information about using the fax point, see the Online stoner’s companion.
    – Connect the telephone line string

Choose the correct Receive Mode For Setup Brother Printer

Still, Go to 13, If you aren’t using your machine as a Fax.

– MFC- J1010DW/ MFC- J1012DW MFC- J1170DW
– Choose the correct Receive Mode
Next, Set your Station ID
still, go to 13, If you aren’t using your machine as a fax.
Save your name and fax number so the machine prints them on all gregarious fax runners. For further information, see Entering Text on Your Family Machine in the Online stoner’s companion.

– Set your Station ID
Next, Connect your computer or mobile device to your machine
Follow these way to complete the setup using one of the connection types available on your machine.
For Wired Network Connection( MFC- J1170DW only) and USB Connection, find the correct harborage( grounded on the string you’re using) in the machine as shown.

– For Wired Network Connection
– Setting Complete
You can now publish and overlook using your machine. To check for the rearmost firmware,

Setup Important Notice for Network Security

The dereliction word for managing the settings of this machine is located on the reverse of the machine and is pronounced “ Pwd ”. We recommend changing the dereliction word incontinently to cover your machine from unauthorized access.

Can not Connect? Check the following
-unfit to Connect
-unfit to Connect

  1. Next, Homemade wireless setup
    still, try setting up the connection manually, If the wireless settings do not work.
    Find your SSID( Network Name) and Network Key( word) on your wireless access point/ router and write them down in the table handed below.

Homemade wireless setup

Still, check with your network director or wireless access point/ router manufacturer, If you can not find this information.

MFC- J1010DW/ MFC- J1012DW

  1. First, Open your machine, and press Wifi in the panel.
  2. Next, Press OK to elect( Find WiFi Network).
  3. Next, the communication( Enable WLAN?) appears on the TV.
  4. Next, Press Next to elect Yes.
  5. Next over, MFC- J1170DW
  6. Next, Open your machine, and press( Find Wi- Fi Network)>( Yes).
  7. Next, elect the SSID( Network Name) for your access point/ router and enter the Network Key( word).
  8. Next, When the wireless setting is successful, the TV displays( Connected).still, renew your Family machine and wireless access point/ router, and repeat 14, If setup does not work.– Open 13 to install software. For detailed machine information and product specifications, see the Online stoner’s companion

For a more detailed explanation, please visit this page [Click here]

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