Nikon D800 Full Frame Reviews

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Nikon D800 Full Frame was imagined to be free within the summer of 2011, Nikon D800 but thanks to many natural disasters that severely affected Nikon’s ability to manufacture the camera each in Japan and at the Thai manufactory, its unharness was delayed to Feb 2012. There has been plenty of hoopla concerning the D800 and whereas our team has denote many articles concerning the camera nowadays, there square measure still several queries gushing in daily from our readers concerning its options, capabilities, limitations and performance, particularly compared to the present camera. recent cameras just like the new Nikon D700, D3, D3s and Nikon D4.

While we have seen some nice merchandise from Nikon, they are all biological process, with some tweaks, tweaks, and changes here and there. The D800, on the opposite hand, could be a revolutionary product that after once more raises the bar for image quality, dynamic vary, autofocus, and even noise performance all while not the high tag of a professional camera hooked up to that.

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Nikon D800 Full Frame Reviews

It actually has its share of problems with its slightly slow speed (FPS) and average battery life, however these problems square measure rather insignificant, considering what we have a tendency to got as a complete package. think about the D800 as associate degree upgraded D3X, solely during a smaller body, at four-hundredth price.

But wait, what concerning all those photographers anticipating a camera with identical detector as on the Nikon D4, United Nations agency do not extremely care concerning high resolution? Did Nikon abandon everything with the D800, forcing them to change to the overpriced D4? Before I answer this question, let American state provides a transient history concerning the D800.

Main Specifications

  • Nikon D800 specifications
  • Sensor: FX thirty six.3 MP, 4.8µ . pixel size
  • Sensor Size: thirty five.9 x 24mm
  • Resolution: 7360 x 4912
  • DX Mode: fifteen.3 MP
  • DX Mode Resolution: 4800 x 3200
  • Native ISO Sensitivity: 100-6,400
  • Boost Low ISO Sensitivity: fifty
  • Boost High ISO Sensitivity: twelve,800-25,600
  • Processor: EXPEED three
  • Measurement System: 3D Color Matrix III Meter with biometric identification and information of thirty,000 images
  • Dust Reduction: affirmative
  • Sealing/Weather Protection: affirmative
  • Body Shape: Full atomic number 12 Alloy
  • White Balance: New White Balance System
  • Shutter: Exposure up to 1/8000 and thirty seconds
  • Shutter Endurance: two hundred,000 cycles, self-diagnostic shutter
  • Camera Pause: zero.012 seconds
  • Storage: 1x CF slot and 1x South Dakota slot
  • Viewfinder Coverage: 100 percent
  • Speed: four independent agency, six independent agency in DX mode with nonobligatory MB-D12 battery pack
  • Exposure Meter: ninety one,000 constituent RGB detector
  • Built-in Flash: affirmative, with Commander Mode, full CLS compatibility
  • Autofocus System: Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX with fifty one focus points and fifteen cross-type sensors
  • Detection AF: Up to f/8 with nine focus points (5 within the center, a pair of on the left and right)
  • LCD screen: three.2-inch diagonal with 921,000 dots
  • Movie Mode: Full 1080p HD @ thirty independent agency easy lay
  • Film Exposure Control: Full
  • Movie Shooting Limit: thirty min @ 30p, twenty min @ 24p
  • Movie Output: MOV, Compressed and Uncompressed
  • In-Camera HDR Capability: affirmative
  • Two Live read Modes: One for photography and another for videography
  • GPS: Not constitutional, needs GP-1 . GPS unit
  • Battery Type: EN-EL15
  • Battery Life: 900 shots
  • USB standard: three.0
  • Weight: 900g
  • Price: $2,999 MSRP

Nikon D800 Test

On an oversized scale, however, the D700 was a drag for Nikon – it greatly cannibalized the sales of the D3. Why pay $5K on the D3, once you will get a smaller, lighter camera with nearly identical options for $2,000 less? And if you actually need to, you’ll push the D700 to be virtually just like the D3 by adding the grip and battery of the D3. shoppers quickly reacted to the present chance and Nikon quickly accomplished that it absolutely was creating an error by permitting one line of products to contend directly with another.

Nikon free the twenty four MP D3x shortly when, that established to be a selling flop thanks to its inflated tag (despite being a superb camera for high-resolution work). Nikon’s skilled line suffered all the manner till the Nikon D3s was free in Gregorian calendar month 2009, that eventually created additional demand for high-end skilled cameras once more. With the wildly triple-crown D700, the well-performing D3 and therefore the failing D3x line, it’s clear that Nikon should realize a much better strategy for positioning and rating its full-frame cameras.

The Nikon D4 was proclaimed with a sixteen MP detector, that looks to match what I expected in terms of resolution. terribly straightforward megapixel update, completely different technology and much of recent options as well as associate degree updated optical device system that works at f/8. we have a tendency to all grasp the D800 is simply round the corner, but still, the largest question remains can it have a sixteen MP D4 detector or the reported super high resolution thirty six MP sensor? among a month of the announcement of the D4, Nikon has finally proclaimed the D800 with a thirty six.3 MP detector.

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