Brother label RJ-2150 Printer Review

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Brother label RJ-2150 may be a superior transferrable 2-inch label and receipt printer for industrial on-the-go use, even at a high tag.

The Brother RuggedJet RJ-2150 is, meant to deliver relatively big volumes of labels associate degreed receipts in AN on-demand mobile application. Designed to figure in environments where ancient label printers area unit usually broken by mud. Mumidity, and various factors. Like warehouses, fulfillment desks, and showrooms.

It resembles its RJ-2050 sib in many ways. That one you opt on depends on the number of labels you’d prefer to print. The RJ-2150 can use AN outsized sort of label rolls. that creates it slightly larger and $300 dearer than the RJ-2050.

Brother label RJ-2150 Printer Review

Most print configurations and decisions ar controlled by code place in on your laptop, pill or smartphone. However. there is no installation media inside the box. you’ll have to be compelled to transfer drivers and totally different code from the Brother information processing system.

The device consists of three buttons (power button, menu/down, feed/OK). A power/battery standing indicator. Alittle two-line monochrome alphanumeric display for making connections and totally different configuration changes. the power and mini USB ports. more as levers for connections and totally different configuration changes, open the battery rack and door on the left.

Mobile property decisions powerful and includes support for Apple AirPrint, Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, more as robot. Apple iOS, Windows, and Windows Mobile platforms. Per
Brother. The number three particle RJ-2150 battery is acceptable for labeling vi,400 between charges and takes concerning 3 hours to wholly charge. The RJ-2150 retails for nearly $1,000. but the AC charger and USB cable ar oversubscribed one by one.

As mentioned in RJ-2050. The RuggedJet name is similar with strength and toughness. For this purpose. The RJ-2150 associate degreed totally different RJ siblings ar boughten with AN IP54 rating (International Protection Marking, IEC traditional 60529). That is, it’s water and dust resistant, drops from eight.2 feet and has passed many alternative strength assessment tests.


While many Brother label printers. Beside the QL-820NWB Editor’s various Canada Opens throughout a replacement window or the Brother QL-1110NWB wide format. Ar designed for businesses. Their low worth and restricted utility limit them to basic applications like apply labels to things to identify them or their content. or even to print little warning signs or banners.

Brother label RJ-2150 can do the powerful stuff. it’s conjointly smart for printing markdown tags, pick-up tickets. Receipts so on, on demand.

This printer measures 3.9 by 5.9 by 2.8 inches (HWD) and weighs many pound, or 1.2 pounds with a quick-rechargeable battery place in.

That makes it concerning AN in. longer and 0.2 pounds heavier than the RJ-2050, concerning zero.5 the size of the QL-820NWB. That prints labels up to 2.4 inches wide, and many third the size of the Brother QL-1110NWB. Canada opens throughout a replacement window and equine GC420d . every print on media merely over four inches wide.

Brother offers 10 RuggedJet models, in three utterly totally different series named per label sizes. Four Series 2 models. Four three-inch Series three engines and a pair of four-inch Series four models. placed at the very best of the Series 2 lineup. The RJ-2150 is that the foremost expensive of the four and incorporates a wider vary of choices and label support than totally different Series 2 models.

Brother label RJ-2150 offers seven types of media for the RJ-2150. Offered in continuous and die-cut configurations up to four inches long, and you may be ready to understand many rolls of third-party labels at several on-line retailers. The RJ-2150 can use thicker coils and a much bigger capability of up to 2. Size thirty six inches compared to the RJ-2050 up to 1.57 inches. but every have identical most nominal length of however one meter or forty inches.

Its 0.4-inch roll size won’t appear to be tons of. but it permits concerning twenty tons of labels.
Four rolls of sticky die-cut labels, and a roll of continuous receipt paper ar offered in three designs traditional, premium, and quick dry.

In addition, Brother (and some roll label suppliers) build custom label sizes. Media roles ar encrypted so as that they’re usually loaded properly. this means you will be ready to simply insert. I,N,t into the receptacle on the rear of the printer and so the RJ-2150 will do the rest. beside act with the laptop or mobile device you are exploitation for feeding. Print. Offered media kinds.

Brother RJ-2150 Connection

Brother label RJ-2150 includes printer setup tools, P-touch example setup tools, P-touch Transfer Manager. Transfer categorical, and P-touch Update code. The latter keeps your P-touch Editor code and printer code up-to-date. Whereas the different|the opposite may be a necessary utility for pushing. The templates and alternative files to your mobile device and printer.

Brother’s P-touch Editor code prints labels directly from your laptop computer (MacOS is not supported). Otherwise you’ll transfer templates and databases from your laptop computer to your mobile device thus print directly from them. The fastest and only methodology is to transfer templates. Barcodes, databases, logos, graphics and totally different assets to the printer. Then call the desired templates on your smartphone or pill. Replace the placeholder data at the side of your own. thus print the banners. Labels, receipt, or completed pick-up order.

Out of the box, my first impression of the pc code was that it appeared robust to use. but when I got into it. The steps for creating templates. Databases, and totally different supporting files, thus downloading. Them to my sensiblephone and or printer were documented with smart and so easy. i’m up associate degreed running ANd printing predesigned labels or customizing my terribly own in concerning an hour.

You only have to be compelled to do this once unless you alter the look of the content or labels or add new content or templates. Once configuring on your laptop or mobile device. the strategy of downloading and printing the content area unit rather a lot of economical, in some cases opt for the file and click on on OK.

Brother RJ-2150 Print Quality

The RJ-2050, most label printers I tested measured. The print speed in labels/minute (lpm), aside from the equine GC420d expert. but Brother uses it. RuggedJet printer analysis. Inch/sec (ips). The RJ-2150 is meant for 6ips. Of course. This makes it robust to match the RJ-2150’s speed with most consumer label printers inside the data.

However the printer time pursuit is helpful enough to make vital, if not empirical. Observations of the RJ-2150’s performance. 444 we have a tendency to tend to ran a pair of tests. I written from a customary take a glance at laptop computer with Intel Core i5 and Windows 10 expert exploitation P-touch Editor via USB.

Downloaded the appropriate files to my phone and printer. thus written from the Samsung over Wi-Fi-Fi. Galaxy smartphone. Once printing from a take a glance at laptop computer. The RJ-2150 produces a bunch of 2 x one in. data labels with alittle margin of concerning one.5 ips around them, that’s pretty slow. The score is hour behind the equine GC420d’s 4ips speed.

However, when I save preset templates and totally different supporting assets to the printer’s memory and print them from my smartphone to the RJ-2150. The printing speed can increase significantly to over 5 ips. Of course. The larger and tons of sophisticated the label. The slower it will print and so the larger. the nice issue concerning exploitation mounted templates and totally different components like fonts, logos, and barcodes.

Speed ​​and economy ar the desired attributes here and are not beautiful results. Of course, you’d prefer to produce it easier to scan. That the sides don’t seem to be fuzzy or jagged. The Brother label RJ-2150 handles it with ease. tons of consumer label printers. just like the Brother’s QL series and Dymo Label author models. Support resolutions up to 600 dpi. Whereas the economic grade RJ-2150 and equine GC420d print at 203 dpi.

Since the resolution of thermal printers is largely determined by the paper. Lower resolutions naturally shrink the worth of the media. As I said concerning the RJ-2050’s sib. I even haven’t any complaints concerning the RJ-2150’s output.

Output worth

Brother label RJ-2150 Printer, operational costs vary depending on the kind, quantity, and provide of the thermal label or receipt paper. In some cases it area unit usually really utterly totally different. Brother Mall prices ar used for the calculations below. each of the numbers below means that. that you just area unit buying a cheap 12-reel pack I found variety of non-Brother alternatives. That go at the side of thirty six rolls containing over 5. 000 labels or receipts inside the subsequent things Assumed.

The Brother Premium 2 25″ x1.25″. Die-cut one2-pack label costs concerning one.1 cents per label, and with 2″ paper receipts, 4″ premium property. Long receipts worth concerning zero.8 cents. It’s slightly dearer than the equine GC420 for identical sort of labels of identical size. but the client Brother models and so. The Dymo and Leitz complete label printers. Ar all once more and once more dearer to use. RuggedJet model stands out. It’s marvelous overall worth performance.

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