MFC-L5750DW Copier Laser Monochrome

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MFC-L5750DW Copier Laser Monochrome – The Brother MFC-L5750DW is, a printer that delivers outstanding performance, very low running costs, and good quality, at an excellent price in an easy-to-use form factor.

this time we want to discuss about laser printers or often referred to as copiers, it is undeniable that copiers remain a mainstay in offices and in small to medium-sized businesses.

Because of its very fast printing capabilities and a machine that is, known to be quite durable, beside me, there is, a copier. Which can be a good choice, namely Brother MFC-L5750DW

MFC-L5750DW Copier Laser Monochrome

Brother MFC-L5750DW Copier Laser Monochrome Printer

Maybe some people don’t know Brother as a printer manufacturer. Oh yeah, who would have thought that this, company which was originally engaged in sewing machines has actually developed its business starting from typewriters and other electronic devices. Until finally launching his first laser printer in 1987 he is, now one of the pioneers in the field of laser printers or copiers. Which is, well known for the unique technology it carries and the guarantees that are given for up to three years which we cannot find in other manufacturers.

This Brother MFC-L5750DW is, also a multifunctional monochrome laser cover that is, capable of print-scan-copy and flash with adf and automatic duplex or wide-sided printing in the purchase package. In addition to the unit, students will get a set of user manuals and an installation CD. There is, a warranty card, a USB cable, a telephone cable, and a power cable with various types of plugs.

In terms of design, this cover has a fairly large shape with dimensions of 49.5 times 42 point seven times 4860 meters with a weight of up to 17.5 kg available in one color only, gray. Which gives a solid impression that is, indeed suitable for use in your office or business, for the Bell quality is, also not kidding. The materials used are of good quality which also makes Brother MFC-L5750DW trademark selective in choosing the materials used. Both from the crate to the tray or for the paper. Everything looks strong and not flimsy.

Brother MFC-L5750DW Arrangement

In the control panel, we can see that there is, a 3.7-inch color TFT LCD touchscreen and MFC l5900dw writing on it on the LCD screen. And large icon images also make it easier for users. In addition this, shortcut icon can also be customized according to needs. On the right side of the screen there is, a touch sensitive button in the form of a back home button and a brand button that will be active when we select a certain menu on the LCD screen.

Then right next to it we can find the power button and WiFi indicator, while on the left side of the screen there is, only MFC writing. Just for information, if the laser printer or Copier Brother MFC-L5750DW has the words MFC, it means that the product can trim, scan, copy and Sed. Now if it says DCP then the product can print Scan and copy only, if HL means print only.

Specification Brother MFC-L5750DW

At the bottom, we can see the USB flash port, yes, this copier machine is, able to directly print PDF, JPEG and gif format files or you can also save the scan results in the testicles.

So you don’t need to bother to connect devices such as laptops when the situation is, urgent, talking about the scene, this copier has two types of scans, namely through adverbs.

Although this cover is, a mono or black and white cover, the scan results can be saved in color format. The optical resolution of the scanner reaches 1200 times 1200tvl and can be enhanced up to 19200 times 19200 TV air. And interestingly, this flatbed scanner is, able to scan documents up to legal size. The Scan function also has various types, which can save the scan results to a Q-shaped email, make a file pose, or send it to an email server, FTP, USB. And connected network, while the ads function is, able to handle paper with a width of up to letter size and can accommodate up to 74.

2 Side Printing

This HDV will be very useful if we want to scan documents in large quantities as well as 2-sided scenes simultaneously according to the code name. This Brother MFC l5900dw is, capable of automatic duplex printing with a fairly short time, scan copy and print directly on both sides. The effect lasts for a short time and without problems the prints are quite good. The coffee speed is, up to 40 VPN for A4 paper with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 603e. and can directly do your comic up to 99 pages.

Then it’s typical with specifications, among others, with modem speeds up to 33.6 kbps, ABC speed 2 and a half seconds, memory transmission up to 500. West Sumatra broadcasting Up to 350 locations and so on.

Sufficient Paper Input Process

For loading or paper input, this machine is, divided into two, namely through Tri Utama and through the multifunction Purpose tray or commonly abbreviated as mp3di. Can make up to 250 sheets of paper with various sizes from A4 letter A5 A5 long xa6 executive legal folio Mexico legal and India legal. To adjust the size of the filling paper, just pull the stomach or slide it. For longer paper sizes such as the number of papers, it can also be observed through the level Indicator on the front.

Mp3 Features

Then for the MP3 section, it can load up to 50 paper widths with a grammage limit of one credit. The MP3 is, very useful when we want to print thick paper or with unusual sizes. This can create paper with a maximum width of 215 point 9 mm and a maximum length of 355 point 6 mm. The Brother MFC-L5750DW also provides three optional which can be purchased separately. Which is able to increase the capacity up to 524 out. This printer itself is, able to accommodate up to 150 sheets of paper with the printout position facing down, the toner cartridge can be accessed by pressing the release button on the right side.

Sufficient page capacity

Hi, this makes for a longer service life and more affordable replacement costs for spare parts. Brother MFC-L5750DW provides a variety of supply needs according to our printing needs from standard sizes. For the n-type 3428 which has a pencil up to 3000 pages up to a superhigh size for the cartridge type pm3 478 with a pencil up to 12000 pages. The drum life is, also long up to 30,000 pages.

It is, common knowledge that the problem faced by laser printers or copiers is, the use of high electrical power in sleep conditions. This Brother MFC-L5750DW consumes about 8.4 power while when it is, ready it is, about happy What and when it is, working it holds power around 630 What. Therefore, make sure the electrical conditions in the environment are still fast enough to run it further on the back of the printer.

We can find the first few ports, there is, a port for the power cable, below at the top we find the telephone portline and line extension. Then on the bottom right there is, Portland and USB. At the back we can open it to handle the paper jam and there is, also a lever to switch the paper from four to legal or vice versa.

For matters of mobile printing, the Brother MFC-L5750DW has provided a wireless connection. Brother iprint and scan in playstore or for iOS users can use the Apple print application.


Setting wi-fi direct on the cover is, quite easy, you just need to connect it directly through the application and the machine will pair automatically. However, there are a few things to note in the test using WiFi direct that we did, often this copier responds to the print command for a very long time or doesn’t even respond at all. There may be several factors that influence, including the strength of the WiFi signal.

In conclusion Brother MFC-L5750DW

The Brother MFC-L5750DW is, one of the best cover machine options on the market for now, just mention it from its complete features. That can scan up to the size of legal stuff, Lex automatically prints directly via USB. The existence of a wireless connection that makes it easy for us to print from anywhere and of course the warranty is, given up to three years.

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