Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Limited Review

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The Hyundai Elantra Hybrid is a limited product with sleek and modern styling that stands out in its class, and even at an affordable price, it comes with an impressive list of standard features.

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if you choose to travel with the Elantra, you’re unlatched to the quality machine. There’s the N Line model, that contains a 201 power unit turbocharged engine that is sort of powerful for this category of automotive. Or if fuel economy may be a priority, there is the Elantra Hybrid that reaches around fifty four mpg in combined driving. Then there is the new Elantra N, we tend to originally thought it might be out for 2021 however its arrival was pushed to the current year. Below the hood may be a turbocharged four-cylinder that puts out 276 HP. This bike, in conjunction with a sport-tuned suspension with reconciling dampers, create the N AN absolute blast to ride on curvy rear roads.

Elanta Driving directions

The basic two.4-liter four-cylinder engine is lacking in terms of speed. On the Edmunds take a look at track, our Elantra hit sixty mph in nine.4 seconds, that is slower than average compared to its rivals. It isn’t unhealthy, however passing through or up to road speeds will be exhausting.

What power it’s is shipped through a endlessly variable transmission tuned by Hyundai for optimum fuel economy, therefore it is also not terribly spectacular for driving with passion. In bound things, however, the transmission provides a sleek expertise, and there is solely atiny low quantity of the famed hum that CVT is understood for.

Elsewhere, the Elantra is just about within the middle of the road. It handles corners well for atiny low sedan, behaves predictably, and is not simply distracted by bumps. Ecept for a jazzy ride, you will need to urge the N Line, that comes with a sport-tuned suspension.

Storage house

Luggage house is slightly higher than average for its category, at 14.2 blocky feet, that is that the same size because the previous generation Elantra. The rear seat folds flat with the remote unleash latch within the trunk some could notice it lighter than the discharge on the seat itself. Cupholders and storage cubbies for the front traveller ar nothing out of the standard. The wireless smartphone charging pad on the restricted trim may be a nice bit.

At the rear, there ar 2 anchors on every rear outboard seat to secure the kid safety seat in situ. The anchors ar straightforward to seek out between the pillows. The spacious rear seat means that you’ll be able to work a rear-facing seat while not having to vary your driving position.

Best Driving Comfort

Elantra provides a sleek ride, there is enough luxury to absorb bumps within the road well, however it conjointly settles down comparatively quickly. The seats also are snug for the foremost half. The bottom of the driver’s seat feels flat, and should not give ample support on road visits of quite some hours. There is not abundant of how to support the perimeters to stay you grounded once cornering.

The climate management is straightforward to use, with giant buttons for operating with the accessible twin zone climate controls. The heated seat, once equipped, activates quickly. There is a noticeable wind noise as you speed up, however that is a typical prevalence at school, and passengers will additional or less keep it up a spoken language at traditional volume.

In automotive Specifications

The Elantra’s cab is neat, with lots of house and smart outside visibility within the front row. We’re conjointly happy to ascertain the rear seats gain two inches of legroom over the previous generation, letting ample accommodation for taller passengers. Their heads would possibly still bit the ceiling, however the Elantra was among the foremost spacious during this category.

Our Elantra restricted take a look at vehicle is supplied with AN adjustable driver seat. It’s a good adjustment vary, therefore it ought to be appropriate for each short and tall drivers. The wheel conjointly has several changes, creating it straightforward to seek out the best driving position.

Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Available Technology

The Elantra Limited’s twin show screens, one for gauges and one for motion-picture show, ar fun to use. The motion-picture show screen has easy-to-follow menus and fast and clear directions. The Elantra conjointly gets additional points for as well as wireless Apple CarPlay and humanoid car, albeit they solely keep company with a typical 8-inch motion-picture show screen. Bewilderingly, the larger ten.25-inch show needs a cable to run any of the smartphone’s integrated systems.

Another bright spot is that the improvement of Limited’s voice activation system that responds accurately to net searches, addresses, and even climate management commands. The complete vary of advanced driving aids accessible is one among the simplest fashionable systems, with seamless reconciling control and lane centering.

Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Vehicle Average Speed

Not as quick as I expected considering it’s real launch management, however within the finish i used to be solely able to shift the manual transmission extremely quick. The initial run (with default settings) is ok. The clutch feeling is sort of smart. I did not just like the means the shifter felt, however it had been correct enough that I ne’er lost a shift and had a reasonably short throw. Cars need to spin the front tires off target in spite of what, therefore if you permit stability management on, you will be stuck.

The quickest runs ar performed victimisation launch controls. You’ll be able to regulate the launch rpm; two,500 appears correct. It will be a bit fastidious, however it is easy to use. Press the button, hold the clutch then hold the gas. unleash the clutch quickly, however do not dodge it or you may ignite the tires. There is a little bit of steering torsion however nothing unmanageable. You’ll be ringing the tires on shifts 1-2 all the time. there is a little bit of turbo lag, however it’s negligible. Power is unbelievable from around two,500 revolutions per minute forrader. immeasurable smart sounds too.

Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Braking System

Good performance, if a bit inconsistent. each stop is below one hundred ten feet, my threshold for glorious braking and on par with what i would expect for this category. The primary stop is that the longest, and it gets shorter from there aside from an extra lap within the middle. The Michelins appear to love a bit heat, however they do not fall off like Pirellis appears to try to to. there’s a small drop and a small wobble on the wheel once braking laborious, however the automotive stops straight. The pedals ar solid and do not fade on the track. The pedals ar durable and durable and well-placed for heel-toe shifting, tho’ the Elantra N will supply a spin match.

Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Handling

1.02 grams!! there is supple feedback through the wheels, and you’ll be able to extremely feel the feel of the paved surface. The steering feels serious in Sport Plus/N mode, however feels right for the automotive and provides you a decent plan of ​​its proportions and weight. Being front-wheel drive, the Elantra N tends to push, however the steering is therefore talkative that you just will simply hold it to the limit and fix it with atiny low throttle input. The rolls ar lightweight, and therefore the seat will a good job of keeping your back in situ. Immeasurable grip, particularly for front-wheel drive cars. I actually mamma into this. Perhaps not as sharp because the Civic kind R, however not far better in terms of FWD handling.

Fuel economical

Depending on the model, the 2.0-liter Elantra gets AN EPA estimate of 35-37 mpg in combined city/highway driving. Either means you are looking at glorious fuel economy. We tend to simply verified the EPA’s estimates and even surpassed them on a mixed driving take a look at route of a hundred and fifteen miles, touching a powerful forty one.8 mpg.

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