HL-L6300DW Business Monochrome Laser Printer

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HL-L6300DW is that the most effective monochrome printing machine for medium workgroups with higher work volumes. It offers nice price due to the enclosed eight,000 results pages and offers lower prices for manufacturing high yield substitutes.

Plus, quick printing at up to 48ppm, automatic two-sided printing, and a 520-sheet paper receptacle that holds quite one ream of paper maximize your productivity. Expand capacity to 1,610 sheets with library paper for fewer refills. Advanced safety features enable direct printing from popular business cloud services, and Touchscreen displays directly from popular business cloud services.

Plus, quick printing at up to 48ppm, automatic two-sided printing, and a 520-sheet paper receptacle that holds over one ream of paper maximize your productivity. Expand capability to at least one,610 sheets with library paper for fewer refills. Advanced safety features alter direct printing from common business cloud services, and Touchscreen displays directly from common business cloud services. Plus, fancy the pliability and printing of mobile devices.

HL-L6300DW Business Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother HL-L6300DW Business Monochrome Laser Printer

The HL-L6300DW ($489.99 on Amazon) measures eleven.3 by 15.7 by 15.6 inches (HWD) and weighs twenty nine pounds small enough for several. Desktops and lightweight enough that taking it out of the box needs no tires Basic property includes local area network, Wi-Fi, and USB, likewise as Wi-Fi Direct and NFC, that ar peer-to-peer networking protocols that don’t need a arcanum to connect your smartphone to the printer.

There’s conjointly a USB a pair of.0 port on the rear for connecting to degree external IC reader. And as antecedently expressed, the HL-L6300DW has associate NFC reader that, similar to the IC reader, verifies the user’s identity to create sure safe and secure information transmission. you’ll customise safety features and filter results from common cloud sites.

The HL-L6300DW has 570 sheets of ordinary paper, divided into 520 sheets associate degreed a 50-sheet useful receptacle that will accommodate up to tabloid sizes (11 by seventeen inches) and is supplied with an auto-duplexer to print on either side. Incorporates 2 further paper drawers with capacities of 250 sheets ($117.99 each) or 520 sheets ($209). The addition of two 520 sheet drawers will increase
capacity to 1,610 sheets.

In comparison, the H.P. M501dn’s most paper capability is one,200 sheets, whereas the hollow S2830dn solely contains a most input capability of 350 sheets and no growth choices. Designed for volume printing, the HL-L6300DW contains a most capability of 1 hundred twenty five,000 pages, with a volume of seven,500 pages compared to 100.

Print Speed ​​Brother HL L6300DW

Brother doesn’t offer blazing duplex speeds despite the actual fact that the HL-L6300DW is rated at forty eight pages per minute (ppm). I tested the printer over degree local area network association from our Core i5 laptop running Windows ten ($489.99 on Amazon) (Opens during a very new window).

The HL-L6300DW spins at a strong fifty.8ppm once printing gently formatted Microsoft Word text documents. After I place jock PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint files into the combo, the printer speed raised to twenty three.4ppm, that may not traditional. Most printer speeds drop a minimum of that lots of, and some up to hour. The H.P. M501dn written our monochrome text document at forty seven.1ppm, and so the output born to twenty two.7ppm after we more additional complicated documents.

Brother HL L6300DW image Quality

The HL-L6300DW prints text at near-typewriter-like quality, is grammatical, and intensely simple to scan up to four dots. Creating it appropriate for just about any business application, even those with fine print, like some. However, I detected some streaks within the stand out package and Our PowerPoint, moreover as dark fills, dark gradients, and dark backgrounds, likewise as toner distribution problems in some photos, particularly the larger ones.

In addition, the HL-L6300DW has fully fledged issues with hairlines (1 purpose and smaller). and thin dashes don’t seem the smallest amount bit in numerous locations. However, this does not mean that the HL-L6300DW graphics and photos cannot be used.

Our tests were fine for international use, and maybe for PowerPoint handouts, counting on however fastidious you’re. However, if output quality is additional vital to you than worth and speed. The hollow S2830dn and H.P. M501dn end up far better graphics and photos.

Brother HL-L6300DW expense

Brother offers 3 totally different toner cartridge sizes for this printer: three,000, 8,000, and 12,000 pages. If you get a high yielding cartridge from Brother, the worth per page is one.3 cents. this can be often costlier than the hollow S2830dn at a pair of cents per page and so the H.P. M501dn at one.6 cents per page. In fact, the expense of 1.3 cents is one in all the lowest we’ve seen during this category of laser printers. A fraction of a penny will prevent a good deal of money over time on a high-volume printer like this. As an example, if you print ten,000 pages monthly. the excellence of zero.7% between the HL-L6300DW and thus the hollow S2830dn can price you $840 annually good for purchasing a pair of toner cartridges.

The HL-L6300DW comes with a relatively high-yield eight,000 page cartridge, supplying you with longer before you’ve got need to buy a replacement. Likewise as a cheaper price per page, not like most different optical device printers that come with cartridges.

Last Review

The Brother HL-L6300DW printer is quick and will print high-quality documents likewise as graphics and photos at a coffee price. It conjointly has numerous growth choices which may enable you to simply about triple its paper capability. Not just like the hollow sensible Printer S2830dn by not providing SAM capability growth (gives a most capability of 1,200 sheets). Additionally, the H.P. model prices around $150 over the Brother HL-L6300DW. Despite the actual fact that the Brother’s most duties ar larger and so the operational prices ar higher. This leaves the HL-L6300DW with the sting required to bring out the M501dn, substitution it as our Editors’ selection for medium to significant duty printers within the small, small workplace or workgroup.

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