Epson Photo ET-8500 All-in-One supertank

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Epson Photo ET-8500 All-in-One supertank-The Epson EcoTank ET-8550 printer is among the simplest exposure printers we’ve tested. It stands out for its exposure printing quality and exceptionally high page yield. However, there area unit considerably cheaper printers with higher color accuracy.

The Epson EcoTank exposure ET-8550 and also the Epson EcoTank ET-3850 area unit each all-in-one inkjet printers with a refillable ink tank. The most distinction is that the ET-8550 could be a exposure printer however may also function Associate in Nursing workplace printer.

Whereas the ET-3850 is Associate in Nursing workplace printer which will print good-quality photos. If you wish the simplest exposure printing quality, the ET-8550 could be a more sensible choice because it includes a wider color vary and higher color accuracy.

Epson Photo ET-8500 All-in-One supertank

Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 All-in-one wireless photo printer

The printer comes with a cardboard box, sitting on a styrofoam stand. As usual, all moving elements are controlled in situ with blue tape and packed in a clear pouch. It takes a few minutes to remove and set it up.

At the top of the printer packs 2 plastic bags, one with installation instructions, the Windows software system disc and warrant sheet, and a second pouch, which can be used if the printer needs to be stored or unpacked. No USB cable provided.
Once you have removed all packaging and blocked the printer into the power supply, setup is easy. You will follow the instructions on the written sheet provided or access the step-by-step guide via the liquid crystal display bit screen.

Filling the tank is easy; You simply unscrew the bottle cap and install it over the appropriate tank. The ink flows into the tank, stopping mechanically once it reaches the ‘full’ level. Once the tank is full, all you have to do is take the bottle out, close it again, and store it in a safe place. (There’s also some leftover ink that can be used later.)

Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 Review Printer

Epson boasted its environmental commitment in late May 2021 at the Australian launch of its new EcoTank printer, which combines the ‘photo-enabled’ ET-8500 and ET-8550 models. But there’s still some way to go if we want a highly photo-capable EcoTank printer.

While the ET-8500 and ET-8550 are steps in the right direction and can facilitate overcoming the growing drawbacks of plastic pollution. Their RRPs are too high for the casual shopper and their limited ink set and profile support limits their prices for photographers and image lovers.

Australia is, late to the party; The Epson Singapore website lists eighteen models: four single-function printers (one of which is A3+ size), eleven multifunction printers, and 3 image printers (one of which is A3+ size with six ink tanks.

We reviewed 5 main ink models, the ET-7750 A3 printer in December 2017 as well as the ET-7700 A4 model in the 2020 Gregorian calendar month. However, again, they use CMYK base dyes (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). Ink set and just add ink. Black pigment for document printing.

The company has only released its first six-ink model in Australia, but again, we tend not to understand the ‘real’ image ink set. Adding gray ink to the basic CMYK set puts the ET-8500 and ET-8550 one small step above the five-ink model and one step bigger above Canon’s four-ink MegaTank printer. But we’re still looking forward to a ‘true’ image printer with refillable ink tanks.

Epson Photo EcoTank ET-8500 Price Printer

The Epson EcoTank picture ET 8500 all-in-one printer is not a cheap printer. It costs around $600, except for that kind of money, you’ll get the same printer ready to print lab-quality photos up to A4 format. A\

Also suitable for printing and scanning everyday documents. The printer works wirelessly and uses the free Epson Cartridge ink system.

They will produce image prints that non-specialists might find ‘acceptable’ on the various media we tested (glossy, semi-gloss and matte paper), but once you compare image prints from the ET-8500 to prints from an image printer ‘ right’ (like the Canon PIXMA PRO-200) the difference is clearly visible in the color and hue replicas.

Epson does not make printers that use the Claria picture HD full dye ink set with CMYK and light cyan and magenta inks. It doesn’t sell it in Australia – and we don’t know why the company made this call.
While we can support EcoTank printers for traditional workplace use, it is difficult to recommend the ET-8500 and its associated A3+, ET-8550, to image enthusiasts because they are not true image printers.

While the addition of gray ink to produce intermediate tones between black and white can improve the print quality of images from new printers, the five-color ink set does not cover the total color variation and color gamut of Epson’s six-tone Claria images. HD. Ink set. However, it will increase the chances of reproducing B&W prints free of unwanted color prints, which can be a welcome upgrade over CMYK inks.

Epson EcoTank ET-8500 Dimensions

The printer measures approximately 403 x 369 x 162 metric linear units (width x thickness x height) and weighs approximately eight.4 kilograms without paper or ink. You may have to save the house in the back if you want to use the rear device. The conventional paper tray is on the front of the printer.

The tallest paper tray is suitable for drawing paper as well as the lower paper tray for traditional A4 size paper. The Epson EcoTank ET 8500 is, equipped with a motorized housing for printing drawing paper.

Epson EcoTank ET-8500 Claria Ink Printer

Epson’s most fade-resistant dye inks carry the ‘Claria’ complete, that claims ‘fade resistance of up to three hundred years for prints hold on in albums’. Since none people are going to be around to verify that claim, the simplest we will do is expect them to possess considerably higher fade-resistance than regular inks.

If you are seriously considering shopping for Associate in Nursing EcoTank printer it is important to grasp the variations between the 3 Claria ink sets. the house set consists of 4 inks: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black (K). The Premium set has 5 dye inks CMYK and grey and a black pigment ink (for printing text). In distinction, the exposure HD six-colour set is all dye inks: CMYK and exposure Cyan and exposure Magenta.

While all sets will manufacture color prints, there’ll be an obvious distinction between them. Claria Home inks area unit designed for everyday workplace printing and work best once printing documents and straightforward graphics. The Claria exposure HD ink set is meant for exposure printing and is that the solely set with an opportunity of reproducing the complete color and tonal gamuts in digital pictures.

The Claria Premium ink set could be a compromise resolution. Designed chiefly for everyday workplace printing it may also manufacture ‘acceptable’ exposure prints – significantly from monochrome originals. With color originals, the dyes cannot quite stretch to the colour gamut and saturation levels of the exposure HD inks. Uncritical observers can in all probability be proud of prints created with the Premium inks – however anyone with a photographer’s appreciation of color can spot the constraints of the ink set.

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