Epson expression photo hd xp-15000 review

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Epson expression photo hd xp-15000- Epson says this is, often its smallest A3+ printer, and it’s definitely terribly compact; solely concerning 10cm wider. Than the A4-equivalent device, the Expression image XP-760. Epson has clearly gone to nice lengths to shrink this printer. Even rotating the ink tank by ninety degrees so the six cartridges stack from front to back rather than left to right.

The XP-15000 uses typical black, cyan, magenta and yellow settings, and reds and grays. The previous provides an improved gamut on plain and image paper, whereas the latter provides fine color management over photos.

Epson expression photo hd xp-15000 review

The Epson Expression image HD XP-15000 Inkjet Printer achieves one thing that no printer will achieve. Prints monochrome and color pages at nearly constant speed. And whereas this printing is, also a bit slow, raise yourself what you want: your family photos written quickly or accurately. In essence, this is often the most effective printer for photographers, particularly if they need the most effective pictures.

Epson expression photo hd xp-15000 printer review

This Epson printer is one, which maintains a model cycle of about 5 years with an entry-level model for the A3+ line of printers. XP-15000 replaces 1430 skilled workers, that we tend to reviewed in February 2012, and replaces the 2007 Stylus image 1410. Like them it’s, designed for printing solely and may handle paper cut sheets up to 329 x 483 millimetre (A3+) in size. The drop size and output resolution square measure constant as within the 1430s however use a replacement. And completely different ink set in many alternative respects, that square measure shown within the table below.

Epson has created vital changes to most aspects of the planning. just like the latest models within the manpower and EcoTank lineups. The XP-15000 includes associate angular panel with associate liquid crystal {display|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} display. A high-powered print receptacle that installs mechanically, a container for plain A4 paper, and a rear feed slot with centralized loading.

Easy to Find Ink Tank Location

The Ink Cartridges are found under the print cartridges and are accessed via a drop-down panel. Unfortunately that, as well as the self-extending pick-up bins are not as durable as we would like and loading paper into the containers can be difficult. Automating container preparation and storage has the potential to cause problems over time due to wear and tear. The back paper stand is also lightweight and easy to remove.
Sheets of paper larger than A4 size and ‘legal’ should use the back sheet feeder, which can hold up to fifty sheets of plain paper or twenty sheets of drawing paper. The most supported size via the options described. By User in the driver menu is, 329 x 1200 millimeters (~13 x forty-four inches), constant as in the previous model.

Borderless printing is, available for many of the quality papers listed in the driver menu, though not for double-sided paper, picture stickers, and paper. The tray for printing on the optical disc can be found at the bottom of the paper case.

Epson expression photo hd xp-15000 Easy-to-Use Printer

printer is incredibly simple and takes concerning quarter-hour. Once removing many strips of packing tape and plugging the facility wire (supplied) into an influence supply. The instruction sheet that came with the printer directs you to the Epson Singapore web site. Wherever you just enter the printer model variety and follow the displayed steps- in small stages directions. step.

The first step is, to show on the facility, withdraw and install the six ink cartridges within the clearly marked slots. And leave them for between twenty and half-hour whereas you set about your alternative routines.
For Initialization time is, about ten minutes according to the screen displayed after you install the ink cartridge and print the nozzle check page. You need to then install the printer driver and computer code, either from the equipped CD or by clicking the transfer link on the web site. This takes 10-15 minutes as a part of the method involves change the printer’s code and computer code.

Multiple Choice Wizard Settings

The setup wizard allows you to choose from 3 affiliate methods: USB (V.2.0), Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. If you Select the Wi-Fi option then, the printer will take you to a page with a link to transfer the Epson printing application on the App Store and Google Play.

Once the application is, entered the next steps help you set up the printer, good device, and application to use. You’ll also activate a free feature that lets you print from any device or computer anywhere in the world via web affiliate. A handy feature for travelers trying to send photos home for printing.

The XP-15000 driver is, basically constant because the alternative general purpose Epson inkjet printer drivers and was coated in our previous review. Apparently, the image and Best image settings within the skilled worker 1430 driver are replaced with normal and prime quality that have constant impact.

Duplex (two-sided printing) is obtainable with 2 options: automatic and manual, the latter for Windows solely. The Settings menu permits you tochoose between long-edge and short-edge binding and settings for folding booklets, that are Windows-only.

Epson expression photo hd xp-15000 best price

At AU$499 the XP-15000 was $100 costlier than, the Epson skilled worker 1430 once it absolutely was free, although more or less as durable. Again, there does not appear to be a legitimate reason for this discrepancy and, sadly. We tend to could not realize any resellers listing them at a lower cost, though there square measure lots of cartridge resellers that offer ink.

The lowest value we tend to may realize for real Epson ink was $18.70 for a regular cartridge, that is not a lot of a savings. In distinction, we tend to find XL cartridges priced between $27.48 and $30 at variety of on-line resellers. Confirming our policy of recommending mistreatment XL cartridges, particularly if you’ll get a discount by getting the worth arrange.

Epson expression photo hd xp-15000 Cartridges Price

Normal Cartridge price is, $18.99 a whole set of ink can cost you $113.94 and find you eighteen milliliters of ink. This suggests you pay $6.33 per ml associated with an A4 print requiring zero.54 millilitre of ink. If you purchase a regular cartridge it prices $3.41 per A4 print.

The square size cartridges are, High capability (XL) priced at $31.99 each, with the total set priced at $191.94. This reduces ink prices to $3.87 per ml, thus associate A4 print would force $2.09 price of ink. This is, often a robust argument for mistreatment XL cartridges whenever a replacement cartridge is required.

We created some comparisons with our Epson skilled worker 1430 printer. That we’ve been mistreatment for the last 5 years, and that is that the precursor to the XP-15000. Skilled worker 1430 continues to be listed on Epson’s web site for AU$399. However it’s, arduous to search out a distributor that has it available (although we tend to find it for AU$349).

Epson offers a three-color price Pack (CMY) that retails for AU$56.99 for normal capability cartridges or AU$95.99 for XL cartridges. A quick glance at this printer will save you a few dollars on genuine ink but at this price we wouldn’t be surprised if various cartridges were replaced. Particularly if the printer is, employed for workplace printing.

Epson photo hd xp-15000 Conclusion

We don’t recommend this printer if you want to use a lot of regular documents. While the text is, clear and sharp enough, it lacks the sharpness AND darkness you see from office-focused devices. Color graphics are completely free of artifacts, but they also lack the punch you get from an honest plain paper printer.

As for the cost of running this printer, it’s not cheap counting for Epson XL assorted cartridges, a single page of text and A4 graphics costs almost 13p. And that’s, not counting gray ink which is, only used on photos. For many, a web shooting service can work fine, but if you want additional management on top of the best results. The Expression picture HD XP-15000 is, an excellent and relatively inexpensive A3+ image printer – it’s our best bet.

However, on drawing paper, the results are sensational. the images are fantastically sharp and careful, showing no signs of sharpening or artificial refinement. Fortunately, this also applies to painted copies, which are obviously without trying to be artificial or oversaturated. Skin tones look flawless, while precise color management helps produce a high level of detail.

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