Canon SELPHY SQUARE QX10 Square Photo Printer

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The Canon SELPHY SQUARE QX10 could be a twin of the company’s previous CP1300 Wireless Compact exposure Printer and also the company’s Selphy model. This Canon English ivy exposure Printer is smaller and lighter than different Canons, and its practicality is nearer to it of the H.P. Sprocket choose Editor’s alternative or this Canon English ivy exposure Printer.

A palm-sized exposure printer with distinctive rectangular prints, will create an admirer always. whether or not you’ve got photos on your smartphone that you just need to save lots of or raise your personal album, connect with the Canon SELPHY SQUARE QX10 wirelessly and simply management them anytime or anyplace. With dye sublimation technology, photos area unit of upper quality, have less dirt and last longer.

Print Speed ​​Canon SELPHY SQUARE QX10

This Selphy sq. QX10 printer additionally incorporates a high print speed, thus you do not need to wait long to use it. The QX10 printer incorporates a print speed of forty three seconds and a size of 65×65 millimetre.

With the discharge of the new Canon Selphy QX10 printer, you will be ready to live the most effective moments of your life whenever you would like. each exposure uploaded could be a dear item that you just will investigate and discuss once more once some months.

Print Resolution

You need to grasp that the Selphy QX10 printer incorporates a high resolution, however you furthermore might got to understand that the resolution of a printer greatly affects the output. The resolution provided by the printer is 287 x 287 dpi.

In addition, the QX10 printer provides 256 levels of grayscale, which may improve print quality by creating it easier to scan and detail across the board. Selphy sq. QX10 Dye-sublimation technology permits the replica of digital pictures into real-quality pictures with terribly bright colours like the supported pictures.


Selphy QX10 incorporates a resolution of sixty eight x sixty eight millimetre and may be bespoke with SELPHY exposure Layout (Smartphone application). If you are going to a replacement location or traveling, this kind of printer can are available handy to create your trip a lot of pleasant and rewarding by permitting you to quickly scan and save photos you’ve got simply taken.

With an oversized format and 1:1 ratio, your photos can look modern and skilled as a result of the results are going to be in step with a clean color palette. Moreover, the Selphy sq. QX10 displays your photos on labels which will be bespoke and used as stickers.

Connectivity Canon SELPHY SQUARE QX10

The Canon QX10 printer currently supports the XS-20L Label Sticker Set. Now, you’ll go where you would like with Wi-Fi property and an inside battery which will be charged with an influence bank.

All the conveniences of printing photos that area unit up to date will solely be accomplished with a Canon sq. QX10 printer.

Size and Weight

Canon Selphy sq. QX10 incorporates a compact size that’s simple to hold. The scale of this printer area unit twenty one x twenty five x fourteen cm, and also the weight is one kg.


The QX10 printer can give exposure printing for a time period. The SELPHY outer layer helps keep the pictures within the album up to a hundred years.

The last exposure taken helps you to read pictures of varied components like air, water, and gas. Canon QX10 can assist you in maintaining your vernal look for generations.

Another feature is that the Canon SELPHY SQUARE QX10 will save your photos on labels which will be written and used as stickers. With the SELPHY exposure Layout app, you’ll beautify your photos by adding. A private bit by adjusting the dimensions, position, filters, caps, overlay effects and exposure frames.

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