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The CANON PIXMA TS707 Wireless may be a consumer-grade photo-printing printer designed to be used within the workplace and residential.
Strong paper capability and a volume that ranks on top of most photo-centric and six-ink Pixmas.

It conjointly supports XXL ratings for nice convenience (but not essentially lower operational costs). Likewise as voice activation technology. However, please don’t use this for traditional printers.

While most different TS series models square measure equipped with the technology (making them all-in-ones). The TS702, like the power unit Tango X Editor’s alternative , supports scanning and repetition completely via mobile devices. The TS702 may be a good selection for families preferring the simplest output over budget-friendly operational prices, overall.


Unlike the power unit Tango X ($219.95 at and therefore the power unit DeskJet 3755 All-in-One Printer, the PIXMA TS707 supports scanning and scanning, however doesn’t embrace options. Which means scanning multi-page documents is inefficient and, oftentimes, the standard is not nearly as good as what you’d get from a flatbed device.

Many factors have an effect on the standard of your smartphone camera, your mood. Likewise because the numerous settings and ways you employ once taking documents or photos.
It splendidly combines compactness and considering a comprehensive vary of printing choices to be used reception or in small-scale offices.

Since scanning and repetition is completed via your smartphone, and therefore the TS702 does not sight printing from a USB thumb drive or different device. It does not need a great deal of management panels.

Graphics on bit graphics don’t have to be compelled to be enclosed. As a bonus, you will get a two-line matrix read that you simply will navigate exploitation the arrow keys and therefore the OK button, as shown within the image below.

Property and creative thinking

This Pixma includes a Canon mobile app and a regular PIXMA TS707 interface with a minimum of one property for numerous situations. The quality interfaces square measure Bluetooth lupus, Ethernet, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, and PictBridge wireless for printing from Canon digital cameras and video recorders.

In addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, different cellular network connections embrace Apple AirPrint. Google Cloud Print, Mopria, Canon Print Wireless Direct (aka Wi-Fi Direct), and Pixma Cloud Link.

Easy-PhotoPrint Editor for humanoid or iOS, that is that the mobile version of Canon’s straightforward picture commercial enterprise and printing package, is additionally offered for your smartphone.

In addition to straightforward drivers, Canon conjointly offers a range of high-quality productivity extensions for your computer and smartphone. PosterArtist Live package (Windows only) is offered for making posters and different layouts, likewise as Master Setup, My Printer, Network Tool, and fast Menu.

The third element, as shown within the diagram below, may be a assortment of shortcuts for numerous printer functions, together with printing optical labels or printing from the cloud.


Canon has conjointly enclosed its Message In Print that permits you to plant text, images, links and additional in your photos, that you’ll be able to later send to friends and family.

They can then capture the “printed message” by exploitation their smartphone camera to capture it.

CANON PIXMA TS707 Performance

Canon rates the TS702 at fifteen pages per minute (ppm) for a regular letter size document. The 4-by-6-inch snapshots square measure rated at twenty one seconds every, like most photo-centric Pixmas.

To learn additional concerning the PIXMA TS707, I used local area network to attach to AN Intel Core i5 computer testbed running Windows ten skilled. The Pixma TS702 prints customary 12-page Microsoft Word documents at a speed of thirteen.2ppm. That is incredibly near to what we have seen from the newest Pixmas TS series.

This score beats power unit’s Tango X by 3ppm and HP DeskJet 3755 by eight.9ppm.
I written a colourful and varied set of Adobe jock, Microsoft surpass, and PowerPoint documents to contain embedded business charts, together with many whole charts and graphs.

I then combined those scores with the output of the previous twelve check page text documents. Leading to a score of four.8ppm to hide the complete series of check documents.

Best Print Quality

More significantly, many fast shots will offer sensible results. The PIXMA TS707 produces lovely borderless pictures from photograph to letter size. Kind of like each five-ink Pixma I’ve tested over the years (8.5 by eleven inches). The warnings square measure clear and correct, and therefore the details square measure correct.

Perhaps Canon’s six-ink Pixmas solely, like the PIXMA TS707 ($219.95 at or the wide-format TS9520 ($219.95 at (both Editor’s alternative models), play higher trying pictures. Tho’ you ought to check the output. and shut to envision.

The PIXMA TS707s subtitles are excellent. it’s sensible and extremely straightforward to browse to six or seven points, acceptable for many home and family assignments.

This Pixma, like several others, prints our surpass charts and PowerPoint handouts with solid fills und a good gradient. With negligible lines or streaks within the fill or going from color to paint or tone to tone in an exceedingly gradient. As usual, i do not recognize what to try and do with the Pixma output.

CANON PIXMA TS707 Graphics Operation

I price monochrome per page (CPP) from four cents to six cents, and color pages ranged from sixteen cents and twenty two cents severally. Despite the supply of this supposed XXL printer, taking advantage of Canon page yields at a worth.

Consider that the employment of all 5 inks ( black photo) and therefore the inability to see once the ink was unfold and the way a lot of ink to use resulted in AN inaccurate CPP.

However, if client picture printers have high operational prices, this can be not a retardant. As an example, black pages on the Epson XP-7100 ($219.95 at price concerning five cents per sheet and color pages concerning fourteen cents per sheet.

However, Epson will sell a consumer-grade picture printer known as the Expression Premium ET-7700 ($219.95 at That offers monochrome prints for simply one penny and multiple colours for simply one cent. But then, the value of this printer is nearly eight times on top of the TS702.

CANON PIXMA TS707 Print Quality

The PIXMA TS707 is costlier to use than different photo-centric consumer-grade Pixmas we’ve used for variety of years. This Pixma may be an excellent alternative if a high volume of top-drawer graphics and graphics is additional vital to you than its running prices.

Yes, there square measure alternatives currently, and a few of them, just like the power unit Epson XP-7700 and Instant Ink mentioned here. Square measure more cost effective than this and different Pixmas TS series. in addition, some, just like the Epson EcoTank five-ink answer, perform o.k. However, if the output you command is that the best and plentiful—you can buy the Pixma TS702.

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