Canon PIXMA MG3620 Best Paper Types for Optimal Printing

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Choosing the right type of paper is just as important as choosing the right printer when it comes to achieving high quality prints with your Canon PIXMA MG3620. The Canon PIXMA MG3620 is a versatile all-in-one printer renowned for its excellent photo printing capabilities and reliable document output. To get the most out of this printer, it’s important to use the best type of paper for different printing tasks.

Canon PIXMA MG3620 Best Paper Types for Optimal Printing

Canon Glossy Photo Paper

For stunning photo prints, Canon Glossy Photo Paper is an excellent choice. The PIXMA MG3620 excels at producing vibrant, detailed images, and when paired with glossy photo paper, your photos will look even better. The glossy finish adds a professional touch, making it ideal for printing your favourite memories or creating eye-catching photo albums.

Canon Matte Photo Paper

If you prefer a more subtle and sophisticated look for your photos, Canon’s Matte Photo Paper is an excellent choice. The PIXMA MG3620 produces sharp, crisp images even on matte paper. This type of paper is perfect for black and white photos or images where you want to minimise glare and reflections.

Canon High Resolution Paper

When you need to print detailed graphics or text-heavy documents, Canon High Resolution Paper is the paper of choice. This type of paper is designed to enhance the sharpness and clarity of text and graphics, making it ideal for printing CVs, presentations or any document where precision is essential. The PIXMA MG3620’s precision printing capabilities really shine when used with High Resolution Paper.

Canon recycled paper

For environmentally conscious users, Canon Recycled Paper is an eco-friendly option that works well with the PIXMA MG3620. Made from recycled materials, this paper is a sustainable choice without compromising on print quality. It’s ideal for everyday printing needs such as drafts, notes or internal documents.

Canon Photo Stickers

For a fun and creative touch, the PIXMA MG3620 is compatible with Canon Photo Stickers. These stickers are perfect for crafting, scrapbooking or adding a personal touch to your projects. The printer’s ability to reproduce vibrant colours ensures that your stickers look vibrant and engaging.

Canon T-Shirt Transfers

If you’re into DIY projects and want to personalise your clothes, Canon T-shirt transfers are a great choice. The PIXMA MG3620 allows you to print your designs onto transfer paper, which can then be applied to fabric. Whether you’re creating bespoke T-shirts or unique tote bags, this type of paper opens up a world of creative possibilities.


In conclusion, the Canon PIXMA MG3620 is a versatile printer that can meet a wide range of printing needs. To optimise its performance, choosing the right type of paper is essential. Whether you’re printing photos, documents or creative projects, Canon offers a range of paper types to complement the PIXMA MG3620’s capabilities. By experimenting with different paper options, you can unlock the full potential of your printer and achieve the best results for every printing task.

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