Canon LBP6670dn Monochrome Laser Printer

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Canon LBP6670dn Black and White Laser Printer Review and Specifications White – The Canon LBP6670dn is a home product for office or micro or small workgroup printers. Similar to the LBP6650dn, at 11.4 x 15.8 x 14.9 inches (HWD), it’s a little big for sharing a desk. But if you have the space, it’s perfect for home offices with very high printing needs.

One reason for the large format is printer paper handling. The LBP6670dn is large enough to accommodate an integrated duplex unit (for duplex printing), a 250-sheet paper cassette, and a 50-sheet multipurpose tray.

Canon LBP6670dn Monochrome Laser Printer White

This is sufficient for most micro and small offices, but for more demanding printing needs, add a second 500-sheet tray ($199 direct) to increase the height of the printer even further. Add 5.3 inches.

Canon LBP6670DN print speed

Network support is disabled on the LBP6670dn, so you will need to change settings in the control panel menus to make the printer work on the network. Also, the printer is set to duplex printing by default.

35 pages per minute (ppm) simplex, 17 pages per minute duplex. This is probably not what you want, for obvious reasons.

For our business application (compatible with QualityLogic hardware and software), the LBP6670dn delivers a fairly fast print speed of 10.3 pages per minute with default settings (duplex included). I also ran the test in single-sided mode and got a nice speed of 14.8 pages per minute.

That’s slightly faster than the LBP6650dn’s 13.8ppm and the OKI Editors’ Choice B431dn’s 11.1ppm ($349.99 direct price, 4 stars).

Canon LBP6670DN print quality

The output quality of the LBP6670dn is slightly above common monolaser standards. Text quality is at the high end of the narrow range that most Monohis lasers meet, and is sufficient for all business needs.

The graphics output is mono laser compatible, but tends to show some dithering in the form of visible grayscale patterns. Some of my test gradients look more like dots than smooth gradients. Most people should consider the right edition for all business needs within their company.

Photo quality is also poor. Simple enough for business needs, such as printing web pages with recognizable images. Do you think it would be suitable for a print shop or customer newsletter? A potential problem with printers is running costs.

At 2.8 cents per page, the figure is a bit high for a printer in this price range. For example, the cheaper B431dn is 1.8 cents per page. Depending on how much you print, the difference is 1 cent per page or $100 per 10,000 pages.

If total cost of ownership is an important factor when choosing a printer, the B431dn is almost certainly a great printer for your needs. However, Canon’s printers excel in speed and text quality, and offer a very attractive balance of speed, output quality, and paper handling.

LBP6670DN Paper Capacity and Handling

Paper handling is top notch. 250-sheet bottom-mounted cassettes and 50-sheet collapsible multipurpose trays come standard. If you run out of capacity, you can purchase an additional 500 bottom feeders for $199.  

Replication is automatic and enabled by default. The output tray on top of the device holds approximately 150 sheets. Installing the LBP6670dn driver on your PC is very easy, but can be a little tricky. For each of his three supplied drivers (PS, PCL5, and UFR II), you have to answer the same question to see the printers on your network (if installed via ethernet).

The Mac drivers are not included on his CD, so you have to download them from Canon’s website. If you have many files, it may not be obvious which files to install and in what order. Download them and get them all. 

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