Canon Imageclass LBP226DW Printer Review

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The Canon imageClass LBP226dw may be a monochrome electrostatic printer that produces great-looking text, graphics, and grayscale photos at speed and value.

Canon specifications rated LBP226dw

The LBP226dw is tiny for a mid-range monochrome electrostatic printer, and slightly larger and heavier than a number of its competitors, as well as the Brother HL-L2370DW and Lexmark’s B2236dw.
Measuring nine.9 by 15.8 by 14.7 inches (HWD) the WF-M5299, Epson’s inkjet monochrome optical device inkjet various.

As a single-purpose device, the LBP226dw doesn’t need multiple management panels. A series of keys and a numeric computer keyboard anchored by a five-line monochrome digital display, just like the one shown here, is what you get.

The Epson WF-M5299 holds 330 sheets and might be swollen up to 830 sheets, whereas the company’s ET-M1170 holds up to 251 sheets, the same as the Brother HL-L2370DW and Lexmark B2236dw optical device machines.
When compared to the two,500 pages of the WF-M5299 and B2236dw, 1,500 pages of the ET-M1170, and the 2,000 HL-L2370DW, the LBP226dw’s counseled monthly print volume is 4000 pages.

In addition to Canon’s commonplace UFR II page description (PDL), the LBP226dw conjointly supports horsepower Print query language (PCL) versions 5 and 6, further as Adobe PostScript three.0. PCL and PostScript each supply compatibility with publishing and graphic style environments.

Canon rates property

Standard LBP226dw practicality includes LAN up to one thousand Base-T, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, USB 2.0 property, and Wi-Fi Direct. The third choice is peer-to-peer networking, that permits smartphones to attach to printers while not having to use them, or be a part of a network or router.

The LBP226dw is provided with Canon’s commonplace security choices, that embrace Secure Print to assign a PIN to documents, thus solely users with personal photos will print the document. you’ll conjointly get Department ID Authentication to work out access to alternative options or printers with a username and word.

Often up to forty pages per minute

Canon pages per minute LBP226dw at forty simplex, or single-sided (ppm). However, several optical device printers, like Canon, default to duplex, or two-sided, pages. during this case, we have a tendency to monitor and track duplex and simplex print times.
I tested the LBP226dw over associate LAN association from a customary Intel Core i5 testbed laptop running Windows ten skilled.

The LBP226dw spun at twenty three.5ppm once printing our 12-page Microsoft Word text document in duplex mode, and printing another page in simplex mode at forty two.3ppm, or simply quicker than the 40ppm rating. It’s 5.5ppm quicker for two-sided printing and seven.4ppm quicker for single-sided printing than the Lexmark B2236dw.

The other printers listed on this page don’t default to dual-sim printing. As a result, I tested and recorded the print speed of 1 facet. during this approach, the LBP226dw reaches speeds of fourteen.8ppm quicker than the WF-M5299, 21ppm quicker than the ET-M1170, and 9.7ppm quicker than the HL-L2370DW.

Canon Imageclass LBP226DW Quality

I know nothing concerning the LBP226dw output. Text, even the decorative and somewhat casual typography we have a tendency to tested, prints in properness and is decipherable, and commonplace fonts look acceptable even at tiny purpose sizes, all the way down to the littlest font we have a tendency to tested (4 points).
the thinnest paper (less than one purpose rule) prints equally and uninterruptedly from edge to edge.

The grayscale of the picture I selected is additionally sturdy, with smart detail and no granularity. you will not be victimisation this monochrome electrostatic printer to provide your family care photos, however the LBP226dw’s text, graphics, and image output area unit adequate for many monochrome applications.

Canon Imageclass LBP226DW value

Canon LBP226dw has several options. the foremost vital distinction between the 2 is that the value per page, that is far dearer when put next to alternative entry-level monochrome optical device printers. operative prices area unit as low as one.1 cents per page once you purchase a high-capacity twenty,000-page toner. It’s slightly dearer than the Epson WF-M5299 and Epson ET-M1170, inkjet alternatives, however but a pair of cents per page dearer than the Brother HL-L2370DW and Lexmark B2236dw.

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