Canon Image PROGRAF PRO-300 Printer

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Canon Image PROGRAF PRO-300 is one amongst the brands that cannot be doubted, a number of you’ll already realize the dependableness and privileges provided by Canon printers.
Canon printer’ is one amongst the foremost desirable brands for printing pictures.

Canon Image PROGRAF PRO-300 Print Speed

In the following, we’ll make a case for the print speed for every paper size, particularly for the image print speed itself that is sort of high. Sidekick can receive the print speed offered by this printer with A3 examine to four minutes fifteen seconds. Whereas A4 paper size a pair of minutes thirty seconds.

For image size forty six, the speed is even quicker, that is one minute forty five seconds.
The image process speed of the Canon Pro-300 printer is fairly high. Sidekick will receive a high capability daily.

Print Resolution

The Canon Pro-300 could be a new image printer that may attract several users. However, we are going to in brief discuss the resolutions that are most vital for printing photos.
Each of you may virtually definitely transfer clean photos, and if so. You would like to grasp that the printer with the cleanest photos could be a high-resolution printer.

You don’t have to be compelled to worry regarding this Canon image Printer, as a result of this printer offers a high resolution. Particularly 4800 x 1200. Wherever each image written by the Pro-300 printer are terribly clear, with a high level of detail, dense, and warning.

Canon Image PROGRAF PRO-300 Document Handler

The Pro-300 printer could be a image printer that comes with 10 totally different cartridge colours and may turn out high-quality prints. A3+, A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, LTR, LGL, Ledger, Hagaki, 7 x 10′′, 12 x 12′′, sq. (5 x 5′′, 3.5 x 5), 4 x 6 , 5 x 7′′, 8 x 10′′, 10 x 12′′, 210 x 594 millimetre square measure the paper sizes supported by this printer.

Canon Image PROGRAF PRO-300 Paper sort

The following square measure the categories of paper utilized by the Canon Pro-300 printer:

B4/A3/LGL/LDR = fifty, LTR/A4/A5/B5 = a hundred, LTR/A4/A5/B5 = a hundred, LTR/A4/A

4 x 6′′ = twenty; A3/A4 = ten, ten x 12′′/A3+ = 1) professional atomic number 78 image Paper (PT-101)

Plus shiny image Paper II (PP-201, PP-208) A3/A4 = ten, A3+ = 1) (4 x 6′′/Square (5 x 5′′) = twenty, A3/A4 = 10, A3+ =

A4/A3 = 10, A3+ = one professional Luster image Paper (LU-101)

4 x 6′′ = 20, A4/A3 = 10, A3+ = one on and Semi-Gloss image Paper.

= twenty, A4/A3 = 10, A3+ = one matte image paper (MP-101)

Hagaki() (20)

LDR/210 x 594 millimetre =1 light-weight image Paper

/A4/A3/A3+/LDR/210 x 594 =1 Japanese Paper Wash
/210 x 594 = one canvas
Canon Ocean workplace Color Paper (A4 = eighty)

LTR/A4/A3/A3+/LDR/210 x 594 millimetre =1) Heavyweight creation Paper

7 x 10′′ = 1) Inkjet card

/12 x 12′′ = 1) Card Stock

Canon PROGRAF PRO-30 gambar image PROGRAM

AirPrint, Windows ten Mobile, Mopria, Canon Print Service (for Android), PIXMA Cloud Link (from smartphone/tablet). Easy-Photo Print Editor, and Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY (for iOS/for Android) square measure all supported by this printer .

Canon PROGRAF PRO-30 Cartridge sort

The printer uses one kind of cartridge for all cartridges, and therefore the scanner uses 10 totally different colours.
Warnings and capacities square measure shown below, in step with paper sizes. PFI-300 (Cyan/ Magenta/ Yellow/ Red / image Cyan / image Magenta / grey / image Black. Matte Black / color property Optimizer / image Black / Matte Black / color property Optimizer / image Black / Matte Black.

Software package

The software package put in on the printer for users is Windows 10/8.1/7 SP1. Operation will solely be secure on PCs with Windows seven pre-installed or later Chrome OS, OS X 10.11.6, macOS 10.12 , 10.15.


You can directly from tablets and different mobile devices with direct Wi-Fi property. If you would like to form things easier, you’ll be able to use a USB a pair of.0 connexion.

Canon Image PROGRAF PRO-300 Dimensions and Weight

The Pro-300 printer contains a massive size of seventy four x forty eight x thirty cm, whereas the load of this printer itself is 18kg.


Unleash your creativeness by printing bird’s-eye pictures on paper lengths up to 990.60 mm, like the power to print borderless or adjustable margins.

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