VC-500W Color Direct Thermal Label Printer

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VC-500W could also be a particular relation supported the ZINK little ikon printer that produces easy-to-use, full-tone labels for homes and tiny businesses. it’s not inexpensive to use, but it’s a pleasant mini device.
A unique full-tone label printer. The Brother’s VC-500W Compact Color Printer ($149.99) uses an identical zero-ink (ZINK) technology utilised in today’s little ikon printers, along with our H.P. Sprocket select Editor’s different or our Canon English ivy ikon Printer.

However, victimization the VC-500W, you have got got heaps of decisions, along with printing prints at varied widths & lengths up to seventeen inches, and additionally the powerful (although usually relatively clunky) Brother coding system. Like its little pocket-sized ikon printer relative. The VC-500W is relatively expensive to use. but has grownup relatively well for serving homes and mini-businesses at printing vibrant labels for a spread of applications, making it PCMag’s initial Editor’s different.

VC-500W Color Direct Thermal Label Printer

Brother VC-500W mini SIZE

The Brother VC-500W is not the primary label printer of its kind. In fact, this is {often|this can be} often the output of Brother’s acquisition and revamp supported the previous product known as the ZINK hAppy wise App Printer that was reviewed here in March 2016.

Indeed, except the complete incised on the chassis surface. The VC-500W and hAppy look exactly an equivalent. However, as you may see below. several upgrades and new coding system have brought this version to the way heaps of spectacular and tight customary.

While print quality and media mobility ar comparable, the primary difference between the VC-500W and current pocket-sized ikon printers is that the previous receive ZINK complete paper on a roll. it isn’t simply individual precut sheets that you simply load onto your device. i am going to cowl operational media & port decisions in associate extremely moment.
Measuring 3 eight by four.4 by 4.6 inches & weighing one five pounds. The Brother VC-500W is 2 hues (using white side & black surface) & glides from purpose|part|section|division} on rear to low purpose on front.

While most operations ar handled via the capsulate coding system, lowest management of the gadget consists of 3 buttons Power, Wi-Fi, & container and a standing LED for Wi-Fi, instrumentality (roll of paper), & Swipe to cut cutter position.

Your written label exits through the output slot settled on the front of the chassis. you’ll be able to crop it via the scroll slider found on the surface. You activate it victimization your tip.

As mentioned, you vogue your labels on your Windows, iOS, or android device via Brother’s bundled coding system, mentioned among the in the meantime. The VC-500W jointly supports output supported Microsoft Word, Excel, & Outlook via Brother’s P-Touch label vogue & printing coding system.

Brother VC-500W vogue & Print Apps

Another necessary distinction between the VC-500W and its pocket ikon printer relative is Brother’s suite of label generating applications. which includes the P-Touch Editor, iPrint&Scan, and Color Label Editor.

Although the latter, alone gettable on android & iOS devices and a reward from the days of the ZINK hAppy. is relatively vital. This program makes coming up with every kind of vibrant labels and moving forward a breeze.

In some ways, the PTouch Editor and Color Label Editor supply duplicate utility. although between the two you get an honest quite camera work, fonts, frames, and different effects for coming up with your labels. As mentioned, the PTouch Editor permits you to vogue your labels in Word or use Outlook or stand resolute print a bunch of information records. IPrint&Scan, in fact is Brother’s default app for printing from and scanning to mobile devices, allowing you to print from most iOS and android apps.

Brother VC-500W Speed ​​Good Print Quality

Brother rates the VC500W at zero.3 inches per second (ips) in customary mode and 0.15ips in Vivid mode. that’s regarding the speed I noted, slightly utterly totally different depending on content. every modes can print at 313 dots per in. I tested the printer on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 running android 9.

The other label printers tested here can alone print in one color (except the Brother QL800, that prints dual-color labels in black and red). so we tend to tend to compared them. their VC500W.

Not really relevant. However, throughout my testing, I written a zero.5×3.5-inch monochrome written communication label in regarding 3 five seconds in customary mode. along with cutting. The time can increase to regarding 5 seconds, or regarding twelve label cuts per minute. Printing in on mode takes regarding double as long.

Print full color labels

Takes regarding an identical time. This speed could be a smaller quantity than zero.5 that of the Brother PTouch Cube and, the presently normal monochrome shopper label, and slower than business models similar to the QL800 (both of whom were Editors’ different winners). On the opposite hand} once more, once examination the VC500W to those and different monochrome machines. Apples and oranges ar utterly totally different.

In my experience, the VC500W is pretty fast for what it’ll and additionally the performance is well definitely worth the wait.

Especially the excellent output quality and a spotlight to detail. apart from the ikon output that won’t unhealthy or spectacular.

Colors ar bright, spirited and proper. lowest subtlety. The photos ar acceptable, but they are doing not match what you’d see on job optimized mini printers like HP’s (sometimes really impressive) Sprocket select.

Label worth

The ZINK Label Roll is out there in four widths (half, 3/8, 1.2 inches), 16.4 feet (1,968 inches) long, and prices vary from $17.99 to $34.99. At this worth, a 0.5″ x 3.5″ label costs regarding thirty 2 cents and a 2x 3.5″ label costs regarding sixty one cents. the foremost necessary potential label could also be a 2×17 in., priced at merely over $2 and wide. slender media ar slightly heaps of low cost.

Compared to Brother’s PTouch Cube and (and considering the zero.5 x 3.5-inch label). The VC500W label is simply 2 cents dearer. Larger labels, just like the 2×3.5-inch print on high of, ar slightly dearer than similar prints (2×3 inches) on the ZINK mini printer.

For example, depending on whether or not or not you purchased a 10, 50, or 100 media pack, the H.P.

However, the VC500W could also be a little device and isn’t terribly designed to print heaps of or thousands of labels monthly, so it’s relatively expensive to use. Labeling bit class and Color apart from labeling assignments.

Big, the Brother VC500W could also be a pleasant little or no machine. beyond any doubt, the color coded labels produce it straightforward to look out them in some things.

Small businesses may additionally use the output of these little printers to label their product and shipping boxes. Giving them associate skilled feel which will not promptly gettable. Finally, the VC500W could also be a very useful device that deserves to be associate editor’s different certain homes and tiny offices that require color adjustment.

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