HL-L6200DW replace toner message printer

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HL-L6200DW Replace Toner Message Printer offers a balance of speed, paper handling, associated running costs that build it an honest choice for home, micro. Or very little offices requiring a monochrome printing machine for medium to important duty use. ought to match the parcel vary for a monochrome laser. However, for the overwhelming majority of business users, the text on the lowest of a printing machine is over adequate. the balance of choices that build this printer worth considering is what is further very important.

What keeps the HL-L6200DW from being our Editors’ choice for its category, but there unit of measurement different printers that give barely further. The Brother HL-6180DW and holler B2360dn unit of measurement high choices for small geographic point monochrome lasers to significant use with the HL-L6200DW or press on most key areas, with the Brother HL-6180DW to boot giving higher text.

HL-L6200DW replace toner message printer

Brother HL-L6200DW Basic Specifications

As a result, the HL-specialized L6200DW’s choices {is also|is furtherly} additional acceptable for your business. Its paper handling is certainly tailored for significant use in very little offices or workgroups with its 520-sheet drawer, 50-sheet helpful receptacle, and traditional duplexer. If that doesn’t work, you may add up to four drawers of 250 sheets elective to increase capability to 1,320 sheets, or up to two drawers of 520 sheets to increase capability to 1,610 sheets, or just one drawer size to one,340 sheets.

Paper Capability

The HL-L6200DW is very large enough, as is typical for any printer with a paper capability this high, merely|that you just} simply might not want to position it on a table. With traditional capability, measures eleven.3 by 14.7 by 15.3 inches (HWD), with a height of 4.8 inches for each drawer of 250 further sheets, or six inches for each drawer of 520 further sheets. you may not want to share a table with entirely the standard receptacle, as a result of the peak makes the printer quite spectacular. so you may not want to share a table with entirely the standard receptacle. However, as a results of the trail identifies a smaller house than a good deal of inkjets. you’d presumably want to position it on the opposite side of your table if it’s not at intervals the approach.

USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct unit of measurement among the getable connections. If you connect your printer to your network by local area network or Wi-Fi, you may to boot use the cloud to manage it. Then connect it to your network via academic degree access purpose on your network to manage it. If you connect it to 1 portable computer by USB, you will lose the facility to use the cloud. but you may still use it to print from your smartphone by connecting it to the printer over Wi-Fi Direct.

Brother HL-L6200DW Paper Speed ​​and Quality

The HL-L6200DW is light-weight enough to transfer to 1 person, deliberation in at twenty six pounds six ounces. For this project, I used academic degree local area network port to connect to the network and place within the propulsion on Windows.

Speeds in our tests were atiny low quantity slow for a forty eight pages per minute (ppm) rating, but they were fairly fast. I logged the printer at twelve.7ppm in our business application suite (set with QualityLogic’s(Opens in new window)hardware and software). That produces it faster than the Brother HL-6180DW, at 10.7ppm, but slower than the holler B2360dn. That came in at 15ppm in our tests, albeit a slower machine, at 40ppm.

As a comparison, the HL-L6200DW performed higher in our tests than the holler wise Printer S2810dn. That holler rated at 35ppm but that we tend to tend to measured at 13.4ppm whereas printing in simplex. at intervals the default duplex mode. that may increase the time it takes to scan each page before moving to the second side. The holler S2810dn is solely slightly slower than the HL-L6200DW, at 11.8ppm.

Quality Output

The HL-L6200DW’s quality output is also a smorgasbord. Text is below traditional. And quality is below category in our tests. However, monochrome text laser printers can handle o.k. so they’ll print paper with laser quality ok for business use. you want to {have no|haven’t associate degreey|don’t have associatey} complaints when you are doing not have an uncommon would love for small fonts.

The quality graphics we tend to tend to tested were typical for monochrome lasers. that produces them ok for any international business demand. it’s additionally pretty wise for PowerPoint handouts or kind, unless you’ve a significant scan. exposure quality is on prime of usual. The photographic winds up in our tests disagree significantly from the photographic quality of high-end newspapers.

Brother HL-L6200DW Conclusion

Brother HL-6180DW, holler B2360dn, or holler S2810dn geographic point requiring higher text than provided Brother HL-L6200DW. geographic point requiring higher captioning Brother HL-L6200DW Brother HL-6180DW offers the most effective paper capability. And holler The B2360 offers the fastest speeds in our tests, roughly matched for text quality.

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