Brother HL-3140CW Color Laser Printer

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Brother HL-3140CW Color Laser Printer – The Brother HL-3140CW this, time offers 2 versions of paper input so it will make it easier for you to try and do your job. There is, an easily accessible main paper tray as an additional option for sliding off the front of the printer. This paper tray will cut off up to 250 sheets. Disappointingly, this sealed paper container does not have a window to indicate accessible paper levels and provide a clear warning when the area unit is, low.

A second option for feeding individual sheets of various paper sizes is, on the market and this is, often accessed by lowering the panel on the front of the printer. In each case, a written document is, ejected at the top of the printer where a bit of cover helps to elevate the ejected page for direct ejection.To get drivers Download for windows Click here.

Brother HL-3140CW Color Laser Printer

Brother HL-3140CW Digital Color electrostatic printer review

This color electrostatic printer may be a four-drum model and therefore toners include black, cyan, magenta and yellow. While the item comes with four individual drum and toner units in place, neither is, completely ready to go. You want to increase the height of the printer to achieve access to the inside of the device so extract the four drum units and toner. Once extracted, you can remove the protective cover placed around each drum and toner unit. While shaking each toner to ensure good toner distribution, you can replace it in the appropriate slot with a transparent label and close the printer cover.

Because of the position of the sockets on the back of the unit, especially those used for electrical power. And for immediate access after you clear a possible paper jam, you want to make sure that there is, enough area on the back of the printer. Since there was no paper jam initially during my review check on the printer, I first thought I might have a touch report on the problem. But that was before I tried to use the manual slot to print A4 images.

Also on the back of the printer there may be a USB port for those who choose to use this property methodology over the Wi-Fi option that supports WPS. Complex directions area units are provided in the Quick Start Guide for whatever type of affiliate you choose after setting up this printer as part of your laptop setup.

Brother HL-3140CW Paper And Screen Quality With Best Panels

In addition to the paper output space the top of this printer is, also equipped with a small panel. That is, supported by a digital screen measuring five x one cm (Liquid Crystal Display). Below the unit buttons are a small screen area for four-way navigation which also includes add and drop options, Cancel, Open, and Safe options that allow you to print confidential information stored in memory. Just below the area unit of this panel are many LEDs which the area unit is selected for information and errors.

This LED flashes to the point after the relevant activity is, detected Embellished in a very soft combination of sunlight and dark gray, the HL-3140CW may well be a Brother electrostatic printer. Unlike my own Brother HL-2030, which has provided excellent service for years. This new Brother unit has 2 main variations indicated by the “CW” section of the unit’s model range. The HL-3140CW supports wireless properties and may be a color electrostatic printer. This model has, been designed for use in small offices although it will fulfill a useful function, in an emergency, in a very home environment.

The combination is, neutral, the HL-3140CW is, not one to be shy especially when it comes to size and overall weight. Larger than similar bonded mono lasers, this three-dimensional model measures 410 x 465 x 240 millimeters (W x W x H).

An excellent big difference with the weight of this unit is, the seventeen.0 metric unit of weight that weighs on your back once you take it out of its packaging and place it on an acceptable surface. The packaging illustration will show that handling this unit may be a two-person task.

Print Quality Smooth And Standard

The standard print quality is, described as 600 x 600 dpi while the Fine print quality is, set at 2400 dpi. In terms of speed there is, no difference between the 2 print qualities. Treats my customary one hundred and one word document, either in monochrome or in color with further images, eighteen pages per minute written unit area. But there is, a proper darkening of the text after the Fine print quality is, selected.

Several different optional area units can be accessed from the Print driver settings box. You will be able to select the paper size, media sort, and document sort. There is, an association option to select the orientation and whether the document should be set in color, monochrome or automatic. Two-sided (Duplex) and book printing can be used but in each case this is, often a manual operation.

Toner cartridge Specified to produce 2500 pages according to your ISO 19798 standard. Your printing results will vary depending on how much toner content you are using and have per page. Obviously, printing double-spaced text will result in more pages being printed than if you were to print multiple images that could be printed on one full page.

Brother HL-3140CW Toner

The Brother HL-3140CW printer is, equipped with four starter cartridges rated at 1000 pages. I have finished my black toner after about 900 pages of printing. Tends to print more content per page than ISO test pages and print multiple images.

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