Epson L18050: The Latest A3 Photo Printer Mainstay of Printing

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Epson L18050 Review: The Latest A3 Photo Printer Mainstay of Printing-On June 22 2023, Epson officially launched the replacement printer for the l1800 which has been present. This printer, named EcoTank L18050, brings many updates compared to the previous generation. In this review, we will discuss in detail the various aspects offered by this printer.

Design and Dimensions:

The first impression when seeing the EcoTank L18050 is, its smaller size compared to a similar A3 printer. In the unboxing process, it can be seen that this printer has more compact dimensions, around 182 mm shorter and 65 mm lower compared to the L1800 series. Its lighter weight, only around 4.5 kg, makes it easier to place in various rooms without taking up a lot of space.

Package Completeness:

In the purchase package, users will get an instruction manual, power cable, USB cable, and a special tray for printing on CDs or PVC identity cards. It should be noted that printer manufacturers are now starting to leave installation CDs in the purchase package, so users need to download drivers via the internet.

Epson L18050 Printer Performance

Epson L18050 The Latest A3 Photo Printer Mainstay of Printing

Print Speed:

The Epson L18050 offers a significant increase in print speed. With printing speeds of up to 22 PPM for A4 draft mode, 8 IPM for ISO standard A4 paper prints, and 3 IPM for A3 paper prints. The standard borderless print speed of 4R size photos has also experienced a significant increase.

Print Technical:

This printer is, equipped with more print head nozzles, almost double compared to the previous generation. Although the print resolution remains the same, the higher print speed makes it more efficient.

Paper Handling:

The Epson L18050 has a wide range of paper sizes, from A5 to A3 Plus, and supports custom sizes up to 215.9 x 1200 mm. The input capacity reaches 100 sheets of H3 80 GSM paper or 50 sheets of premium glossy paper, while the output capacity reaches 100 sheets of A3 and 30 sheets of premium glossy paper.

Ink Tank

The ink tank model on this printer is, integrated with the printer body, equipped with an ink level window which makes it easy for users to see the remaining ink level. The new ink used has good durability, capable of printing up to thousands of pages.

Connections and Applications:

One of the superior features of the Epson L18050 is, the presence of a Wi-Fi connection, which makes it easy for users to connect to smartphone or tablet devices via applications such as the Epson Smart Panel. Users can print documents or photos easily, and can even adjust the color and sharpness of the photos through this application.


Epson provides a guarantee of up to 2 years or 50,000 printed sheets, which offers longer protection compared to previous generations.

Overall, the Epson L18050 offers many refreshing changes compared to the previous generation. With a more compact design, higher print speed, more complete features and a longer guarantee, this printer is an attractive choice for users working in the fields of photography, advertising and printing.

With a price that is not too different from the previous series, the Epson L18050 promises significant added value for users. For those who are interested, you can contact the official Epson distributor or see further information via the link provided.

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