Canon PIXMA MG3670 Multi Function Wireless Printer

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Canon PIXMA MG3670 is a printer that can print at speeds up to 9.9ppm for black & white documents and 5.7ppm for color documents.
The resolution is 4800 x 1200 dpi, and the scanner is equipped with a CIS sensor that enables quick thinking.
This Canon Inkjet printer can be relied upon for personal, school, business and office needs. Get the best price for Canon PIXMA MG3670, which is IDR 1451000 in Indonesia.

Canon PIXMA MG3670 Advantages

Multifunction with Wi-Fi From Canon PIXMA MG3670

The need for printing to large jobs makes everyone need a printer that is not only for printing and doing many jobs such as Scan and Copy.

Canon PIXMA MG3670 is a new printer from Canon that has print, scan, and copy functions. Besides being able to be used on a computer, the printer can also be used with a smartphone or tablet.
With Wi-Fi, you can access documents from your Gadget without using a computer. The Canon MG3670 printer is part of the PIXMA MG5770 and MG7770 series.

The third series contains advantages related to wireless, the new PIXMA MG series Printers are compatible with creative features such as Easy-PhotoPrint+ and Cloud Printing. For printing costs, the printer must have a Duplex or Dual Face function.

Can also be printed directly from a smartphone or tablet

Canon PIXMA MG3670 allows users to print documents or photos from smartphones or tablets running Android or iOS.
Before using the hidden printing feature, you must download and install the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY application. The app includes the PIXMA Cloud Link feature, which allows users to connect to social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as cloud services such as Dropbox, SlideShare, Google Drive, and Evernote. The Canon MG3670 has an Access Point Mode that allows you to connect to your device without using a router. This printer is also compatible with the Canon Print Service app for Android and Apple AirPrint for iOS.

Canon PIXMA MG3670 Review

With an elegant and aesthetic design, this printer is ideal for placing next to a workstation or computer.
On this printer. There are three types of alerts that you can choose from, including red, white, and black.

Since the dimensions of the printer are not too large, you can use it anywhere, even in tight spaces.

In addition, the printer has been upgraded to “Ink Efficient”, which means you save more color every time you print.

The Canon MG3670 printer has high specifications making it suitable for various applications.
Be it a company, a personal client, or an organization.

Also, in crowded places, such as printer shops, you can use a wireless connection or share printers from a network to meet all your printing needs.

Apart from that, there is an important feature called Access Point Mode. Which serves as a secure way to access the printer if you are using a smartphone or tablet.

Canon as one of the leading printer manufacturers in various types and sizes. Also offers various superior printer models with various features and functions that will assist you in completing various tasks. Including the Canon Pixma MG3670, which we will discuss in this article.

This printer is very popular in the market at the beginning of its launch because the Canon MG3670 printer is very affordable. Only around 1 million, even though this printer is equipped with various features such as Print, Copy, and Scan.

Canon PIXMA MG3670 Disclaimer

• You must make ink tanks or ink inks for each color, regardless of whether you are printing black or color ink. If an ink tank or ink is not installed, an error occurs, and you cannot print.

The color ink that may be consumed even when you print a black document or perform black and white printing, depends on the paper or print settings. You must replace the ink tank or ink when one of the color inks runs out.

When you use a Canon printer for the first time after installing the ink tank, the printer will use less ink to enable printing by modifying the Print Head nozzles. Therefore, the amount of paper that can be printed with the first tank is more than the second tank.

• Printing costs described in brochures or websites are based on consumption data, not other ink / ink tanks. To improve printer performance, Canon performs automatic maintenance according to conditions. When the printer performs repairs, some of the ink will run out.
In this case, all the colored colors can be consumed.

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